Glengoyne Distillery

Glengoyne Distillery

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Chris T

00:02 My name is Chris T. I work at Glengoyne as maintenance operative which involves painting, decorating, a bit of plastering, a lot of carpentry and keeping the gardens tidy.

00:16 I do enjoy it, I enjoy getting up in the morning and coming to work and it’s the first job I’ve ever had that I’ve enjoyed coming to work.

00:24 I’m from Solihull, Chelmsley Wood, which was not a very nice place, it’s just concrete city.

00:33 I wasn’t a great fan of school but I attended. I didn’t like sports too much or football, and I actually got the cane quite a bit for refusing to do football and rugby and in the end I just done swimming which was quite good cos I was basically the best in the school at swimming after a couple of years, you know.

00:55 My dad moved to Australia, left us sort of years ago, early seventies and died a couple of years back which to me was no great loss.

01:09 Hung round in a gang, to be honest. Got in trouble, got locked up for six months, come out of detention centre, ignored everybody and got a job, a chef at the National Exhibition Centre give me a start cos it was a bit of a stigma back then, if you’d been in inside sort of thing, you wasn’t to be trusted. But he trusted me and give me a start there. I worked there for ten years, really enjoyed the job but then it got a bit tedious so I went to college, doing carpentry. I did get fed up with doing the same job so I’d go back into catering, then back into carpentry because I’ve done, I’ve done that many jobs it’s, you know, trying to find something I liked. I worked in a mental hospital which I enjoyed. It was quite challenging but the hospital closed so that come to an end. And just went from job to job.

02:12 The firm I worked for went bust. I was forced to sell my house, so I took the profit from the house and went on holiday and met a girl. Come up and down to Scotland and it was getting a bit expensive and in the end I moved up here and I haven’t looked back since. I’m married again now with a five year old who’s got cerebral palsy but it’s not a major thing, he gets on with life and it’s just great up here, he loves it up here as well. I love the place. I’d never move back to a big city again.

02:52 When I first moved up I couldn’t get a job cos I didn’t drive. My girlfriend was working at the distillery as a cleaner and the manager wanted a kitchen fitted, so she put me name up for that. I fitted his kitchen, he was pleased with it and give me a job here basically, a few weeks later.

03:12 I get certain projects to do like the reception building. I’m on now, I’m totally painting and decorating that inside, which is a big job. It’s various jobs. The toilets have all got to be ripped out, floors tiled, the walls cladded, there’s you know, quite a lot to do but I enjoy doing it cos there’s nothing worse than doing jobs which you hate, which I’ve done in the past, where I’ve actually dreamed about the job, you know, it’s disturbed your sleep cos you’re dreaming about pallets or something all night long, repairing ‘em, which is just a thankless job. Just nice to work in a place like this. There’s not many jobs in an area like this.

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Chris T is the Handyman at Glengoyne Distillery - "I do enjoy it, I enjoy getting up in the morning and coming to work, and it's the first job I've ever had that I've enjoyed coming to work".

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