Chair of Young Advisors
Lewisham County Council

Chair of Young Advisors
Lewisham County Council

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Dami B

00:00:03 My name is Dami B, and my job title is Chair of the Young Advisors to the Young Mayor for Lewisham. As a Chair, it’s my job to regulate the meetings, make sure everything’s in order, make sure there’s no arguing, and also oversee the Agenda, you know, say what’s going in which place, and what happens during the meetings.

00:01:10 Well I got involved more, I guess, it was purely by a stroke of luck, because I went to Deptford Green School for my Year 7 to 11, where we have really, really, really great citizenship teachers. And one of them told me that I’d be perfect to stand up for the election as Young Mayor. And I thought it would be simple. I was wrong. I did absolutely nothing, and I think I came in like 33rd place. My fault. But then the second year I decided I’d do a proper run of things, I’d do it properly this time. So I stood up again, and I went to about eight to ten different schools, I gave speeches, I did all the sorts of things that a normal politician would do, you know, canvassing, campaigning, just to try to get votes. And it worked, because I got voted Deputy Young Mayor. And then I got going back into the Council obviously because I was the elected official and then yeah, the rest, as they say, is history. At that point in time, I think it was the greatest moment of my life, ‘cause it was like to think – because I was about 13, 14, and to think the young people of Lewisham had actually voted for me, I mean what had I done? And they’d voted for me. I mean, I may not have been the Young Mayor but, you know, second place, Deputy Mayor, that’s not something to be laughed at.

00:01:39 Definitely I think we need to see more young people involved in social responsibility, ‘cause the stereotypes that are surrounding young people, it’s just – as I said before, the media only sees what young people do wrong, not what they do right, and if more young people get involved in local politics, creating something that I call soft politics, is where – not like the stuff that goes on in Parliament, but the stuff that affects you in your day to day life. When more young people start going – getting involved in soft politics, they start realising that they can change their surroundings, they can change what they can do, and they start learning how to use their voice, and it’s a very, very valuable skill in the future. Because we all have a voice, and we have freedom of it – something that most countries do not have. And it’s something that young people need to appreciate. If you don’t like something, you can say something about it.

00:02:29 I’ve got to go to Uni first, that’s a must must. But – in the next ten years I’d like to see myself either as a low level MP because, you know, miracles don’t really happen that often so, you know, you’ve got to start from the bottom. So I’d like to see myself as a low level MP. Or I would like to see myself as a Councillor, but involved with the public, if you understand what I mean. I want to be an MP or a Councillor, but I want to be more involved with the public than most people are. Like I wanna, you know, help – join volunteer groups, like I wanna be like an MP who’s part of the St. John’s Ambulance, and the Reserve Police Officers, you know, anything that is possible to try and make the community better. Through, you know, your own primary active ways as well, you know, getting your own hands dirty.

00:03:18 If I could be anything at all, I think I’d be – and feel free to cringe here – I think I’d be the Secretary General of the United Nations. Kofi Anan, after seeing him, and what he did, especially he is one of the very, very, very few people in the history that tell the guts – that had the guts to tell the most powerful leaders of the “free world” – one of the most powerful countries – and tell them they can’t do something because it’s illegal. I think someone like that – and that’s who I’d like – that’s what I’d like to be, I’d like to be Secretary General just so I can be, you know, so I can do what’s right. It may not be enacted on, but at least I can say what’s right. And at least people would listen to me, if not necessarily actually do anything.

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Dami B is Chair of the Young Advisors to the Young Mayor for Lewisham. He helps make the Young Mayor activities work. He started by standing as Young Mayor himself and learned that it was important for young people to have a voice so that “they start realising that they can change their surroundings, they can change what they can do”. After University he wants a career in politics.

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