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Dwain C

00:00:05 Hi. My name is Dwain C. I run the hundred metres and I’m preparing for the World Championships next year in Berlin. The reason why I primarily got involved athletics is due to my primary school teacher, Mr. Dave May. Me and him never saw eye to eye. I was always getting in trouble but he was the sole reason why I got into athletics. He saw an ability in me and he encouraged me to athletics even though I objected on numerous occasions.

00:00:26 I enjoyed it more than I actually enjoyed classes. I find it difficult to sit down and just write. It just bored the hell out of me. I got satisfaction out of governor and releasing my energy on the track and that became my education. That became my learning. I still wanted to get away from the sport. I wanted to concentrate more on my academic side because I didn’t perform very well at school though I, I chose to sacrifice what my, my true passion. I went to college and I tried to do the right thing and study and I found myself getting more and more drawn back to my, my, what would be my natural career which was athletics.

00:00:58 So, with that I decided to give it a go and I ultimately became very good at it. So, you know, that was part of my passion and, and it still is my passion to this day. My first major event was the European Juniors in 1994. I was going in as one of the favourites to win the gold medal. And at that time I didn’t really understand pressure. I was just more concerned about actually competing and winning. Ultimately, I went out there and got the gold medal. It was actually a great feeling and I still hold onto those, those feelings up until this day and that’s partly what keeps me driven to actually go out and succeed.

00:01:29 I went onto the World Juniors in 1996 and again, I was deemed to be one of the medallists and actually failed. It hurt me for days, absolutely days. I was a spoiled kid at those times. I just hated losing. But again, these are things that you have to learn to go through and understand. You will win some and you will lose some but you have to pick yourself back up from that.

00:01:49 When referring to my past experiences in terms of decisions I made to go down the road of taking drugs, it was never a decision I was never comfortable with. In my heart I knew I was doing wrong. For myself I decided to go down that path when I started to doubt my ability and in fairness there was nothing wrong with my ability. I just believed what people were telling me that I was gonna find it hard and wanted to find answers quickly. And I always say that it’s, it’s the wrong thing to make mistakes when your, your temperament is not good, and my temperament wasn’t good at that stage of my life.

00:02:21 At the time I never believed that I would get caught. Came to dread the day when I did and it was the worst feeling ever. Everything I’d worked for since I was 14 years old, even before that, had just totally been wiped away. So, now from that, you know, I’ve had to express a lot of heartache and my family have gone through a lot of heartache and, you know, I’ve still got a lot of mending to do amongst my family and friends. I have to go through the process which I’m thoroughly enjoying of rebuilding myself.

00:02:47 And amongst that journey I’m taking along other people that want to learn not to go down the road that I did. So, you know, for me that’s fulfilling and I would never want to change anything that’s gone on in my life because you learn from it and what makes an individual smart is how well they pick themselves up off the mistakes. My experience is that it enabled me to educate my kids as well as other kids that quick fixes don’t work in the long term. There’s more satisfaction in, in hard work and doing things the right way.

00:03:14 I’m fortunate enough to be in a position where I am deemed as a role model be it rightly or wrongly and I’ve gone through, you know, I can use myself as a prime example of what you can achieve when you do the right things but also, what you can achieve, well, what can happen to you should you do the wrong thing. Plans for the future are to continue competing the next four years. Ultimately, we’ve got the 2012 Olympics coming up in London which I still wanna play a role in whether it be competing or mentoring or getting kids involved and actually participated in the London games.

00:03:44 The next step is just to, you know, try and correct my mistakes. Although they’re not gonna be forgotten at least I can try and correct them and use them again as a, as a reference point. I still wanna continue educating kids on the rights and wrongs of decisions they could make in sport or in life. Once we can start putting those positive seeds in their brains then we’ll start having kids making smarter decisions and we can look forward to a brighter future.

00:04:08 I want to be remembered as an individual that, you know, was at the highest of his career, hit rock bottom and still was determined to get himself back up the way he believed he can actually be. And I’m still fighting that fight now and I believe I will get there. So, that’s how I want to be remembered. ENDS

Dwain C is an Athlete who is hoping to compete in the World Championships next year. He's working to make a comeback after being banned from athletics for taking drugs. "At the time I never believed that I would get caught. Came to dread the day when I did and it was the worst feeling ever. Everything I'd worked for since I was 14 years old, even before that, had just totally been wiped away."

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