Senior Therapist

Senior Therapist

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Emma J

0:00:02 Hi there! I’m Emma. I work at Saks at Scotch Corner and I’m a beauty therapist there. Day to day I do all of the beauty therapy treatments and holistic treatments which includes reflexology, hot stones, massage. I started at Saks six years ago. I did all of my training through them and had my first job at Scotch Corner. I started off as a beauty therapist and then I went on to do my holistic treatments which then made me a senior therapist.

00:00:32 Personally I think beauty therapy is an absolutely amazing job. It’s really rewarding, there’s lots of perks. You know, you can have treatments and things within your job and you see obviously fantastic results with skin after you’ve done facials.

00:00:50 When I was at school, I was interested in animals the most and I did want to be a vet. But then I never really went down that route. When I was about 16, I wanted to actually be an air hostess because when I used to go on holiday I just used to like the look of what they did as a job. I thought it looked quite interesting. And then one of my friends was doing a beauty therapy course and I used to go to the college and be a model for her. And then I thought, ‘no, this is what I’d like to do’.

00:01:18 I did my GCSEs at school and then I actually got a work placement at Redworth Hall in a hotel and I did three weeks work placement there as a therapist. And then I actually got a job there. That was my first job at Redworth Hall and I absolutely loved it, it was great. I saw myself having a career as a beauty therapist once I had my first job because I was really passionate about it and I used to love doing my massage and treatments like that.

00:01:47 I left after five years because I felt I’d gone as far as I could and I wanted to work for a big company like Saks because I felt like I’d be able to get further with them. And then I did my three week training with Saks and learned all about Elemis products and then after that I actually went into the salon and started doing treatments.

00:02:07 To do beauty therapy, I needed to go to college and do my NVQ1 and NVQ2 and NVQ level 3 to get me to where I am today. After I did my two years course at Darlington College, I then went on to do my holistic treatments like reflexology, hot stone massage which I absolutely love. It’s brilliant. That is one of the nice things about my job obviously, making people feel better and just seeing them when they leave, what you’ve actually done for them, you know, they’re really appreciative of it.

00:02:41 I think my boss has probably been the most inspiration to me, because obviously she’s trained me in a lot of things within the salon and then I look at her and how she is with clients, so I’ve learnt a lot from her.

00:02:56 The next step for me would be to open my own salon hopefully one day. That’s where you make all of your money for yourself. And I like where I am now as well, you know, I like all of my clients so I would like to stay in that area really. I do love my job. The only other thing that I would probably like to do is child care. If I didn’t do beauty therapy that was another option for myself. Since I had my little boy, I’ve always loved children so that would be, you know, another option for me really, would be child care. I could even do the beauty therapy on the side.

00:03:29 Having a child obviously does change things. I think at the time when I first had him, I didn’t really want my own salon. I was quite happy being part time and coming and going, but now he’s just started school, I feel like I would like my own salon now and I can move forward to do that because he’s at school. When thinking about a career, obviously I’d love him to do whatever he would like to do, whatever he’s probably passionate about at the time. Because I think if you’re not passionate about something, then you don’t really know where you want to head with your career. I would love obviously my little boy to, you know, to go to college and university because I didn’t do university because I didn’t really need to do that for my job, but, you know, obviously, if he wanted to do that, then I’d be really proud of him, I’d love him to.



Emma J is a Senior Beauty Therapist at Saks. One of her friends was doing a beauty therapy course and she used to go to college and model for her. She realised that was what she wanted to do herself.

More information about Beauticians and related occupations

average salary

The UK average salary is £28,758

average weekly hours

There are 37.5 hours in the average working week

85%  female 
15%  male 

The UK workforce is 47% female and 53% male

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Future employment?

? Beauticians and related workers give facial and body beauty treatments, apply cosmetics and dress wigs.
There are no minimum academic requirements for entry, although some colleges require candidates to possess GCSEs/S grades. NVQs/SVQs in Beauty Therapy are available at Levels 1, 2 and 3. Professional qualifications are also available.
  • Discusses clients requirements, analyses and advises client on appropriate skin care, and applies treatments to the face or body;
  • Massages scalp, face and other parts of the body and carries out spray tanning;
  • Uses waxing, threading, sugaring and other epilation techniques to remove any unwanted body hair;
  • Cleans, shapes and polishes finger and toe nails, applies nail extensions;
  • Applies make-up to hide blemishes or enhance facial features and advises clients on skin care and make-up techniques;
  • Performs specialist treatments for conditions such as acne, applies skin rejuvenation therapies;
  • Recognises problems and refers clients to medical practitioners if appropriate;
  • Advises clients on diet and exercise to assist in weight loss and slimming;
  • Maintains client records, sells and advises on cosmetic products and services, and ensures appropriate health and safety issues are addressed.
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Other personal service 50720
Office admin. 8800
Retail trade 6995
Sport & recreation 5664
Accommodation 5048
Employment activities 4112
Education 4068
Health 2340
Other professional 1911
Membership organisations 1795
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