Explore links between courses and careers

Explore links between courses and careers


How do your A-level or college subjects link to career options? What different pathways can you take to the same job? See how our 'Course to career tool' can help make sense of your choices.

Using our 'Course to career tool'

Choose your subject from our subject section, then click on the Explore button in the Course to career tool. You can then explore a series of five slides:

course to career tool

You will see the slides below if you select Travel and Tourism.

Slide one helps you explore how subjects are linked to further study and how courses can lead to jobs.

For each job, you can see average salary details and get an idea of future job prospects.

Clicking on the refresh arrows changes the options for subjects and jobs (You’ll need to be in the tool itself for this to work, the images below are just to give you an idea of what you’ll see):

slide one

Slide two gives more details about the job, including salary range, average working hours and the average qualification level.

You can also see a related icould video (again, you’ll need view this in the tool to play the video):

slide two

The next slides help you explore regional information for each job, common study routes and apprenticeship options. (And again, you’ll need to view the slides in the tool itself to see the information clearly.

For each apprenticeship listed, you can click through to the Institute for Apprenticeships for detailed information about that apprenticeship.

Why not take a look? Remember, just go to our subject section and select your subject  to get started.

slide 3
slide 4: common study routes
slide 5: apprenticeship options

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Published: 20th November 2019