Business Development Manager
Davis Langdon

Business Development Manager
Davis Langdon



00:02 My name’s Gail Gabraith and I’m am Business Development Manager at Davis Langdon.

00:06 Essentially it’s all elements of the marketing mix and helping partners establish relationships with their clients, public relations, working on bids and submissions, which is a big part of my job. Really how they run, helping them run their business.

00:29 Before I started at Davis Langdon I was work, I worked for a main contractor well it was a regional contractor in Scotland where I’d been the I’d been started off as the marketing co-ordinator and then was promoted to marketing manager after about 2 years.

00:45 Before I worked in construction I was a, worked for a lawyers in marketing. I’d done a 6 month placement at University as part of my degree as a Scottish lawyer, which then led on, went to Leith University, I had a kind of gap when I was trying to find a job cos the graduate market was so competitive and then I ended up working for a solicitors in Glasgow.

01:13 I went to University at Napier in Edinburgh and did a 4 year degree course in marketing management. Part of the, my degree in, after my third year was doing a 6 month work placement, which was kind of, it was kind of when I realised whether it was the right thing for me, to be honest, I know it’s quite late to decide that but you really get a taste for the job you’re going to do in real life, it’s not all theoretical. And obviously it, it kind of put me one step ahead of the competition when you left University.

01:49 I, at the end of my fifth year at school I had 3 highers. I, I’d looked at the marketing management course at Napier as potentially something that I was going to do. I just managed to, to get the qualifications that I needed to get in. School learning wasn’t, didn’t really fit well with my style of learning, I like to be given a task and told to go and do it rather than be lectured at. So I kind of, university was like kind of an epiphany for me to go in and just go, ah right this is, this is interesting learning rather than think learning things that you didn’t really think you’re, you’re ever going to use. So it was, it was, it was probably a total fluke that I fell into something that I one enjoyed and two was reasonably good at.

02:46 I always really struggled with maths, I was not good at maths, I failed my higher maths the first, well the first and only time I did it. I couldn’t see where quadratic equations were ever going to come into my life again and do you know what, they haven’t.

03:03 My dad’s really intellectual, he’s a, well he’s a GP and my mum is a teacher. She start, she used to teach with special needs, so she’s very good with people and she has the patience of a saint.

03:18 Like any parent they just wanted me to be happy and they just left me to work it out myself.

03:23 Marketing is a subject that you don’t really know what the person does, you know from 9 until 5 yet it’s, you just sit there and market. There’s no re, you know specific tasks.

03:41 Probably the best piece of advice that I was ever given was my old boss who said, you can do whatever you want to do, you just have to make it happen and if you’re not enjoying something it’s your job to fix it.

03:59 END

Gail Gilbraith is a Business Development Manager at construction consultants, Davis Langdon. She took a degree in marketing at Napier University in Edinburgh. The task-based course suited her much better than being lectured at. "And obviously it kind of put me one step ahead of the competition when you left University."

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