Contracts Manager
NVT Group Ltd

Contracts Manager
NVT Group Ltd


Iris J

00:00:03 Yes, my name is Iris J and I’m the Contract and Customer Service Centre Manager for NVT.

00:00:10 Basically looking after 500 contracts, the contracts can range from hardware maintenance, software, disaster recovery, manage servers, telephony, you name it I look after all contracts for NVT.

00:00:30 I stayed on to fifth year and actually started highers, but I’m afraid the party scene was beckoning me and I didn’t have the commitment to stay on. So I left instead of finishing my higher course and decided to get a job.

00:00:49 I was straight from school into a, an accounts position and I went to work for Bairds in main street in Wishaw which was part of the Allender Group, House of Fraser and I learned my trade, bookkeeping and basically you progress to do all sorts of accountants activities. The company after about fifteen years I was there, decided that all employees were moving to Glasgow, decided I wasn’t really a townie girl, I wanted to stay a local, so I looked for a job and I went to work for a double glazing company to do their books and was there for ten years.

00:01:33 The company went into administration and I decided to take a couple of months off, because I had a young daughter, and then, applied for a job in NVT group.

00:01:45 I studied accounts at school, I got an O level in accounts it was one of my better grades, English, arithmetic at that time, home economics, and I think it was geography was my, my first O level but accounts was something I had a passion about, I was good with figures. And decided to stay locally, and Wishaw is where I come from and, there was plenty of jobs around but I fancied getting into the retail side of it, because you get the good discounts and the clothes so there was always the benefit of you know getting both passions.

00:02:20 Self taught, trained myself up basically. In the first job in Bairds it wasn’t the type of accounts that you carry on to business, it’s basically analysing what you do within the store, you had a head office who would then analyse to do your actual accounts to find out your turnover etc, etc.

00:02:42 When I went to my second job with the double glazing company that was a completely different type of accounts, so, and basically learned from my peers on how to actually take accounts to a different level, and to do to a trial balance stage.

00:02:58 English wasn’t my strongest point, I probably scraped through an O level pass but it’s never held me back.

00:03:07 The job that I did love in Baird’s for about fifteen years, you’re in your comfort zone, so when I moved and realised there was a whole different accounting set up that I could get my teeth into, it was wonderful to challenge myself like all over again and likewise when I have come to NVT because it’s a completely different job.

00:03:30 Moving from accounts into IT into a contractual, so I had to learn like contractual law, which I have done through the help of our solicitors and basically they lent their time that I have done the job, and then, four years back being asked to take over the customer service centre, so, it’s quite a challenging role I have, but very rewarding and very it’s very fulfilling.

00:03:56 I made my choice by looking for work rather than going onto full time education, it worked for me, sometimes it doesn’t work for everyone, but basically you’ve just got to follow your own heart and go for your, for your goals.

00:04:13 END

Iris J is the Contract and Customer Services Centre Manager for NVT Group. She has always learned the skills she needed through work-based training, firstly in book keeping for a shop and a double glazing company, and more recently contract law at NVT. "I made my choice by looking for work rather than by going on to full time education. It worked for me."

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Sales accounts and business development managers plan, organise and undertake market research to meet the requirements of an organisation’s marketing and sales policies.


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  • Produces reports and recommendations concerning marketing and sales strategies for senior management;
  • Keeps up to date with products and competitors.
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