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Jim L

0.00.00 I’m Jim L and I’m the Research Recruitment Manager for Pfizer. My job involves various aspects of trying to recruit talent into Pfizer in Sandwich in the UK, so in particular graduate recruitment, school leaver, the sort of recruitment we do in academic institutions, placements for undergraduates, work experience and those sorts of things.

0.00.30 But as well as that I also support the teams here in recruiting more senior and specialised staff. My background is in science. I originally, when I left school I went and worked in a laboratory. That’s what I, at school that’s what I knew I wanted to do. I didn’t have any role models who’d gone to university but I knew at school I was quite interested in science so I wanted to work in a lab.

0.01.00 I came here on a one year contract. Took a bit of a risk cos I was in a secure job in the NHS in a path lab but I took a risk because I thought, well it’s a new challenge and I really did, I had family members who’d had strokes and it was something I wanted to try and make a difference in. Well I had an uncle, an uncle who had a stroke when he was in his 40s and you know we used to go

0.01.30 and visit him in a Cheshire home and there didn’t seem to be anything anyone could do for him. So you know I really thought if there was something, on the research side moving to Pfizer, if there was anything I could do that could find a treatment to alleviate that sort of suffering that he went through, but also my aunty who had to watch him and my mum who watched her brother like that, then it would be a very valuable thing to do.

0.02.00 So I thought I’ll take the risk with a one year contract and see how it goes and 20 years later I’m still here. My degree was by day release. It took me about seven years at one day a week going to university to get my degree. It was just harder work to do that because whereas I might have, you know, had a tacit knowledge of something from having studied it at, my GCSE’s or A levels, I didn’t

0.02.30 have that so I was re-learning stuff that I’d done in the past but just not remembered I guess. I think that, in those early years are very important. Despite the fact that I know I said at the start it’s a very difficult time, cos there’s all sorts of other things going on, you know, to try and focus yourself as much as you possibly can on your studies is a very good thing to do. My dad an Irish builder basically. He was very proud of what he done, you know, in terms of having a family and getting a home and paying for that home.

0.03.00 But he always just said to me, you know, get yourself a good education and, you know, don’t be like I am, you know, where I have to, you know, rely on my hands and be a labourer. So he was influential in that way and they did, yeah, they did support us, but they didn’t, you know, they didn’t have that background, you know, around science and academia to really be able to help us in that way.

0.03.30 So outside of work my, I’m a father, I’ve got three kids so I spend time with them. Three girls. They drag me in sort of different directions to where my interests lie but my main hobbies are golf, which I’ve been playing more or less since I gave up playing football, and darts, although I may not look like I’m a dart player, I do play a bit of darts on a Friday night.


Jim L is the Research Recruitment Manager for Pfizer. He had a secure job in an NHS pathology laboratory. Personal circumstances inspired him to move to somewhere where he felt he was playing a more active role in research aimed at alleviating suffering. He risked taking a year’s contract with Pfizer, and it paid off because he’s still there twenty years later.

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