Land Train Supervisor
Eden Project

Land Train Supervisor
Eden Project

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Malcolm P

00:00:03 My name’s Malcolm P. I joined Eden in March 2000. I’m actually the Land Train Supervisor, and our job, or role, within Eden is to transport people, or members of the public, with difficulties, up and down into the pit so they can enjoy this wonderful experience. I’ve been with Eden now eight and three-quarter years, I’m one of the longest remaining members of the staff. There were 60 of us started right at the very beginning of Eden, and I think out of that 60 now, there’s about 10 of us left. So I’m quite pleased with that really, and very proud to be part.

00:00:51 What was I like at school? Mm – well I was just normal pupil, didn’t like school much, so yeah I’ve had the cane a few times, for different things, and got the blame for different things, as you do as you’re growing up, but all I can say that it does teach you things. Taught me different things, from right from wrong. And I was there till I started work at the age of fifteen. My career started really as a butcher, because I’m a fully trained butcher, when I left school. Then from there I went into a catering side. So I left there and I actually joined a company called British Gas. Which I was with about – close on 25 years.

00:01:38 My beloved wife had her own little business within Solihull. So we sold that and decided to go to something that I knew, which was catering field. So we went round looking for an hotel, and things like that. And that was – we found an hotel in Devon, in Paignton. And then we thought that was all happening and going through, we found out the Christmas when we should have moved, that we’d got ripped off. So it took a long time to get over that. I nearly had a breakdown at the time.

00:02:12 Think that’s the most hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. But as I said, you can get over anything if you just put your mind to it, and you just got to start again, don’t blame anybody. Things happen in life and you just have to get up and go, and carry on. Life carries on unfortunately. So from there really we decided to move. Our son at the time helped us out and bought our property from us, so we was able to move. And because we’ve always loved Cornwall and that – and that’s where we are today.

00:02:31 And then I found it quite difficult to find work within Cornwall. And then I was lucky enough to have an interview for Eden, and I was one of the very first people to actually be employed. And since then I’ve done so many different things for Eden, with PR work and odd things. Also I won the first award for Eden, through the Job Centre, which was absolutely brilliant. Then I got invited in 2002 to Number Ten Downing Street, and it was the Achievement Awards for New Deal. Although I never won an award, I had the great privilege and honour, to actually represent Eden in going to Number Ten.

00:03:35 My career started, as I said, as a butcher, and if somebody’d asked me many years ago if I’d be standing here now talking to you, I wouldn’t have believed them. I mean being to Eden is to me one of best things that’s ever happened to me, throughout all my life. Tim Smit, who’s always inspired me from the beginning, as so has Eden itself as a whole. It’s absolutely brilliant, I think I’ve just got the best job within Britain, to be quite honest.

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Malcolm P, Land Train Supervisor at the Eden Project, has had a rich mix of careers. Leaving school at 15 and training as a Butcher helped prepare him for his roles in catering but he also enjoyed 25 years with British Gas. Family support and a 'life goes on' attitude helped him through harder times. Working at Eden, he says, 'is the best job in Britain'.

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