E-Commerce Business Analyst

E-Commerce Business Analyst

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Matthew B

00:00:01 My name is Matt Booth. I’m an E-Commerce Business Analyst. It’s semi-technical, it’s also semi sort of people skills. The bit that I enjoy most is solving the problems. It’s almost a translator role in that you’ve got to speak one language to business people who don’t understand IT and another language to the IT people who don’t understand the business.

00:00:27 Well, I was at university studying physics and had never really thought exactly what I wanted to do after that. I’d intended to do four years on that course, I left after three because it became apparent that physics and me weren’t going to work well together. So, moved on and thought, “What can I do now?” and found that IT, computing had always been something that I’d been interested in as a hobby.

00:00:54 My interest in computers started when I was reasonably young. I think I was about eight or nine when my parents got our first computer. I learned that you could make it do things, you could write quite simple programs to get it to do maths problems for you and that sort of thing. Most of what I’ve done has been self taught, just writing a couple of programs. I have created a few websites of my own and that helps me to do my job better.

00:01:26 As a child I was very scientifically minded so I stuck to as many science related subjects as I could. I studied pure physics, enjoyed it but I did realise it wasn’t a career for me. So, I found myself caught off balance and suddenly had got a full degree but now had to go and look for a job. After nine months or so, the vacancy came up at Spicers and I realised that it was a good way to get into IT, a foot in the door for someone who didn’t have any specific qualifications.

00:02:05 Not doing the fourth year of the degree was something that I regretted at the time. Seeing how things have turned out I think it probably was the right thing for me to do. I hadn’t drawn a map with a career at the end so leaving and suddenly I’m in the real world, what do I do now? That was quite a turning point.

00:02:30 All the obvious people have influenced me: my family, my friends, particularly my girlfriend. I’ve learnt an awful lot from her. We’re quite different personality types. She’s taught me a lot about going forward and being confident and assertive which really makes a difference, it’s something that I wasn’t back when I first met her.

00:02:53 When I was a university I was asked to give a presentation to my tutor and about five or six of my fellow students but I was nervous, I was worried about it, couldn’t do it, I didn’t know the topic well enough. It was a disaster. Two or three weeks ago, I flew to Spicers Germany and gave a presentation, there were about 100 German people in the room. Even six months or a year ago I would’ve been lying awake at night worrying and so on. But I was confident this time, I knew that I could do it.

00:03:26 A dream, I think, for the future would be to have more of an impact, to change the way every day people use the internet and make a difference. Like the way that Google arriving on the scene has made a huge difference to the way people go about their business online. I’d like to have that kind of impact. ENDS


Matt Booth is an E-Commerce Business Analyst for Spicers, an office supplies wholesaler. "It's almost a translator role in that you've got to speak one language to business people who don't understand IT and another language to the IT people who don't understand the business." He studied physics at university but realised he didn't want to make a career of it, so when a job came up at Spicers where he could use his computing skills, he applied for it.

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