My day in five pictures: women’s group volunteer

My day in five pictures: women’s group volunteer

Author: Liz Hesterberg


Liz Hesterberg shares her work photo diary from Nairobi, Kenya, where she volunteers with a group of HIV-positive women. Her duties involve helping with the upkeep of the group's shop and micro-finance system.

9.30am: Tea time

The first thing we do everyday is take chi (tea). Both adults and children enjoy a glass of tea before we get started on the day.

people preparing food

10:00am: Preparing lunch

Cooking lunch for 10 women and 24 children takes a long time, especially when it is over a fire. We start lunch prep early in order to have lunch ready in time.

people painting a wall

11:00am: Painting

Each day we work on a project. Today we started to re-paint the shop; this project will take a few days to finish.

Looking after children

3:30pm: Childcare

Because the group has baby day care, we all take turns looking after the babies.

inside of shop

5:00pm: Closing the shop
We get ready to go home. The children start to be picked up by their parents, and the women head home to get dinner ready for their families.

Liz is studying for a masters degree in intercultural relations and international higher education. Her volunteer placement is with International Volunteer HQ.

Published: 8th July 2015