Deputy General Manager - Emergency and Specialist Medicine
Russells Hall Hospital

Deputy General Manager - Emergency and Specialist Medicine
Russells Hall Hospital


Ned H

My name is Ned H. I’m deputy general manager for emergency and specialist medicine at Russells Hall Hospital, that’s one of three hospitals as part of Dudley group foundation trust.

My main day to day role is operational responsibility for delivery in both our emergency medical services but also our specialist medical services. After uni I joined the NHS graduate management training scheme which is a two year training program that includes both an academic component and also on the job training. I think I’d always probably known I wanted a public sector career I was fortunate enough, I guess, to be offered places on the NHS training scheme the civil service that run a similar graduate training scheme and also the prison service, so I had the choice of the three and I think it was really the health care I found the most interesting and the one that appealed the most to me.

My mum is actually a teacher at a hospital school so Oxford children’s hospital unfortunately for kids who are usually pretty ill and are spending a lot of time in hospital they need to continue their education and she teaches those kids which is really good and I know rewarding for her. My dad has recently retired but he was a psychiatrist so with both of them there is some healthcare link and certainly a public sector link.

Yeah, I like to think I worked reasonably hard though I was probably more interested in playing football at break times then some of my lessons. But yeah, I did enjoy it throughout actually. I stayed on at school for sixth form and did maths, further maths, chemistry and music as my 4 A-levels.

I think the music provided some creative release from the science heavy other three. I don’t think there was an expectation, in fact there was a time when I was fairly set on pursuing a career in music production and it was only half way through my sixth form two years that I cemented and agreed that yep I did want to go to uni. So I went to the university of Nottingham did a three year bachelors in pure mathematics, which was  good three years actually in Nottingham it was a fantastic city I really enjoyed it up there and then applied to the training scheme whilst in my third year and went straight onto that from graduation that summer.

I certainly find working with clinical staff the most rewarding. There’s something about being sat around the table with consultant medical staff, nurses, therapists and all the combined knowledge and experience and training that they bring to the table that I thoroughly enjoy and is definitely rewarding.

I’m a keen supporter of Oxford United football club for my sins. So that occupies a fair few of my weekends travelling to watch them. I live with my other half in central Birmingham which is like Nottingham, a great city to be, plenty of music gigs and good bars and restaurants to make use of.

Ned joined the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme straight after completing a Maths Degree at the University of Nottingham. He always felt that he'd enjoy a public sector career and healthcare appealed to him as his mum has a background of working at a hospital school and his father was a psychiatrist.

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Managers and directors in this unit group plan, organise, direct and co-ordinate the resources and activities of health care providers and purchasers at both district and unit levels.


Entrants require a degree or equivalent qualification, a professional qualification and/or relevant experience. Off- and on-the-job training is provided through management training schemes. The nature of schemes varies between regions and occupational areas.


  • Implements policies of the board, ensures statutory procedures are followed, with particular emphasis on patient safety and the management of risk;
  • Liaises with health care professionals to determine short and long-term needs and how to meet these objectives within budgetary constraints;
  • Oversees the day-to-day management of the unit or service and provides leadership to staff;
  • Uses statistical information to monitor performance and assist with planning;
  • Negotiates and manages contracts with providers and purchasers of health care services;
  • Manages staff, including recruitment, appraisal and development;
  • Monitors and reports upon the effectiveness of services with a view to improving the efficiency of health care provision;
  • Coordinates the promotion of public health and wellbeing in the actions and policies of public agencies and their social partners;
  • Monitors and reports upon the state of public health and wellbeing.
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