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Quality and Safety Manager
Pendrich Height Services

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Paul C

00:00:02 My name’s Paul C. I’m the quality and safety manager for Pendrich Height Services which is based in Rosewell in Midlothian. The simple reason for health and safety being in place is to make sure that somebody goes to their work and comes back safely. My role in this company is to make sure that each and every person is out there with proper information, instruction, training and is supervised to make sure that they’re doing their job as safely as possible.

00:00:30 I was a very sporting person. I enjoyed football and that took up an awful lot of my time so when I was at school I dreamt about being a football player. If I didn’t succeed in being a football player, the fall back was that I wanted to go into some sort of the services like the fire service or the police or something like that. And leaving school I was playing semi professional football but I needed a career and at that time, you had to be a certain height to get into the police force and I missed out by half an inch and the saying at that particular time by everybody’s parents was, “Get yourself a trade.” Whether it be a joiner, brickie, electrician, something like that. So I did. I went for this job and it was in printing and became a printer.

00:01:26 So, well, what went wrong with printing? Generally speaking it was the people. The people changed at management level, changed at sharehold level. Some people at shop floor level changed and I found that the people round about me were becoming, they weren’t becoming very nice people to work with and I decided enough was enough. It was a career change and I had to retrain and after being 22 years with one company, that was a major decision because you’re going into the infamous unknown, shall we say. And that’s very scary and that’s a very scary thing to do.

00:02:10 Within that time the illustrious football career fizzled out. And once it did, you know, that was something that was a big part of my life. And then I decided that I had to keep going on the Saturday and doing something to keep my mind occupied and keep the fitness level up, so I decided to take a course in refereeing. If you think in terms of Monday to Friday I’m working in health and safety and at the weekends I become a football referee, but I think you’ve got to put it in perspective. Your job comes first because your job is what pays what you do in life. Your nice things that you do in life. And then the refereeing comes into play. I try my best to, I think, become more communicative and I think that’s happened because of the refereeing. So, here at Pendrich at the steeplejack company, I can come into the office and I can look at people. I can talk to people the way that they want me to talk to and it’s the same on the football park. You can see a big 6’5 centre half is going to need an awful lot of hardness or hard talking to, whereas maybe the small winger needs a wee bit of encouragement whilst he’s having an absolute abysmal game. It’s just one of these attributes I’ve tried to work in over the years and I think it’s worked.


Paul C is the Quality and Safety Manager for Pendrich Height Services. It's a key job in this company because he makes sure that the steeplejacks do their jobs as safely as possible. He came to this job after twenty two years in the printing industry.

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Managers and directors in this unit group plan, organise, direct and co-ordinate the resources and activities of health care providers and purchasers at both district and unit levels.


Entrants require a degree or equivalent qualification, a professional qualification and/or relevant experience. Off- and on-the-job training is provided through management training schemes. The nature of schemes varies between regions and occupational areas.


  • Implements policies of the board, ensures statutory procedures are followed, with particular emphasis on patient safety and the management of risk;
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