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Recruitment Advisor

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Peter L

00.00 My name’s Peter L, my job title is the Recruitment Advisor here at Jagex. I work in the HR Department. People apply for jobs here and I process the applications arrange the interviews, I conduct the interviews for most positions, and if everything goes well we introduce them to the company and yeah it’s all a nice little journey really.

00.19 The things I enjoy most about my job would definitely be the interaction with other people. I love that aspect of the job that’s something that really makes every day a little bit different because you are dealing with so many people.

00.31 I love computer games, I’ve been addicted to computer games since I was old enough to sort of press buttons on those very old black and white type BBC computers I remember. That’s been a life long passion and I think through school I definitely tried to focus my studies on sort of an end goal of being in the games industry. I did an A-Level in computing which obviously helped and Business Studies because I though that would help me get a better impression of obviously business when I was a seventeen, eighteen year old. I was always having careers meetings and things like that as part of our schooling, we all were, to try and decide where to go.

01.08 At University I studied Internet Information Systems, there was a module that focused on gaming and I really wanted to get involved in that as well. I must admit I wasn’t particularly conscientious, I did what I had to do and I got a decent sort of 2:1 out of it, that was never really an issue, but I like to think I made the best of my university experience, and I did what students are supposed to do and I went out there and I partied and I enjoyed myself and it was yeah a really really amazing, amazing three years.

01.39 Just as things panned out, it became more and more essential for me to earn a living. I left university and went into recruitment consultancy, which was a fantastic opportunity for me as a graduate and I really enjoyed that sort of very commercial sales focused element. But I decided I wanted to get more involved with the actual internal workings of the business, a lot more opportunity to really excel and to make me feel a little bit more like I was a small part in a big machine, I was part of that sort of machine and really actively contributing to it and when the position came up here at Jagex, it was a real no brainer and I just had to go for it. I did everything I could to get the role.

02.21 My parents were both Police Officers actually, they really gave me decent values, they really taught me the value of a hard days work. My dad always sort of said whatever you need to get to where you want to be, we’ll do everything we can to provide, so he was really good in that way. I remember him taking me on long road trips down to sort of London and to game events, and he drove me to all of the work experience things wherever they were and was always very kind of good at driving my passion forward.

02.50 Another inspiration would have been Peter Molyneux who was a very very famous kind of games designer. I did some work experience at Lion head studio and spent a good few days there and he was one of the charismatic figures who encouraged me to go ahead, to go to university to stick to that dream and to work in the games industry, it was again like I say, it was a no brainer, I just thought this is where I want to be.

03.15 Outside of work, my biggest passion is football. This is Gunnersaurus Rex, he’s the Arsenal mascot and when I was eleven years old I won a competition to design the Arsenal mascot which would eventually lead to Gunnersaurus Rex. So at eleven years old I designed a premier league mascot which I am obviously proud of and I’d be proud of till the day I die.

03.38 I kind of always really enjoy the people aspect of recruitment so I’d like to stay in recruitment I think. In the future I’d like to become more kind of consultative in my approach to it as well, a bit more proactive in the talent scouting, be one of those people who sort of goes out there networks for the company, and swaps business cards all that kind of stuff at the trade events, and that would be my, my five year plan I guess, or maybe less hopefully.

Peter L is the Recruitment Advisor at Jagex, "People apply for jobs here and I process the applications, arrange the interviews and I conduct the interviews for most positions". He had a great time at university and loves having a job where he can use his lifelong passion for computer games.

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The UK average salary is £28,758

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There are 37.5 hours in the average working week

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The UK workforce is 47% female and 53% male

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? Human resources and industrial relations officers conduct research and advise on recruitment, training, staff appraisal and industrial relations policies and assist specialist managers with negotiations on behalf of a commercial enterprise, trade union or other organisation.
There are no formal academic requirements although most entrants possess a degree or equivalent qualification and/or relevant experience. Many employers expect staff to gain membership of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development through study for professional qualifications. NVQs/SVQs in this area are available at Levels 3 and 4.
  • Undertakes research into pay differentials, productivity and efficiency bonuses and other payments;
  • Develops and recommends personnel and industrial relations policies, assists with their implementation and drafts staff handbooks;
  • Assists with negotiations between management and employees or trades unions concerning pay and conditions of employment;
  • Interviews candidates for jobs;
  • Advises on training and recruitment, negotiating procedures, salary agreements and other personnel and industrial relations issues;
  • Deals with grievance and disciplinary procedures, and with staff welfare and counselling provision.
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