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Fidelity International

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Samantha W

00:00:02 I’m Samantha W, and my job title is Senior Relationship Manager for FundsNetwork. Probably four days a week I work out of our London office, and I will be out at other fund management groups’ offices having meetings. So I’m always out on the road really than being desk bound, which is great, ‘cause it gives kind of variety so yeah it’s – it’s good.

00:00:30 As a child I was very competitive, quite outgoing – well very outgoing – quite bossy as well, and I suppose that stemmed into my University, I wanted to do as well as I could. At school GCSE-wise I loved English, History, probably the arty type of subjects. I then moved on to college and studied English, History and Politics. And then moved on to University and majored in Politics, and did a Politics degree.

00:02:40 I then decided I wanted to join the police force when I was at University, I went through a rigorous interview process to get on the graduate scheme. My friend was actually speaking to them and I ended up having a conversation with a sergeant, and it just looked really interesting and appealing. I actually got a place with the police, but decided that that wasn’t the route that I wanted to go. And I suppose than I floundered slightly about where I wanted to go, and the direction I wanted to take with my career. The reason I didn’t take the job with the police, if I’m absolutely honest, was the thought of walking around Manchester at three o’clock in the morning on a winter’s day. It sounds – doesn’t sound particularly the best excuse, but I don’t actually think my heart was in it. I think it was just an opening that I had found that fitted what I was looking for at the time. I had probably about eighteen months of thinking time, after I’d finished my degree, of doing a couple of jobs here and there, before I actually found the job with Fidelity on the grad scheme. Not taking the role with the police force, and then not having a career to go into, was not a particularly nice eighteen months of my life, if I’m honest. I was then moving into a situation where I was just applying for any job. I took a job before I joined Fidelity that had – that was a Business Development Manager, and it was probably the worst decision I ever made. It didn’t have any structure to it, there wasn’t any training, you were thrown in the deep end. And it just was not for me at all. And it wasn’t till a point that actually I’d had the bad experience of the role, and then thought well actually I want to go for something that ticks all the boxes. And once I’d made that decision things became slightly more clearer, and then obviously I went to a Graduate Fair and saw Fidelity. I think that you definitely grow from – as an individual – from all of life experiences, whether they’re good or whether they’re bad.

00:03:29 Things that motivate me are challenges – I absolutely love a challenge. I’ve always wanted to try and better myself and I have an end goal that I want to achieve, and in my role at the moment, having to work with some key fund groups to have a positive impact, and make some quite strategic decisions with them – kind of, it is just perfect for what I like.

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Samantha W is a Senior Relationship Manager for FundsNetwork. She thought she wanted to join the Police but decided she didn’t want to be out in the cold. She needed thinking time before finding the right job. She found Fidelity at a graduate recruitment fair.

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