Managing Director
NVT Group

Managing Director
NVT Group

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Stephen P

0:00:03 My name’s Stephen P, Managing Director of NVT Group.

00:00:07 Primarily the financial responsibility and the wellbeing of all of our staff and looking after making sure that the business is not, not, not only the, fulfils all of the objects for the board of directors but in actual fact at the end of the day makes, makes a profit, keeps us in business.

00:00:25 I started a business back in 1988 having been in another business which had gone into liquidation and when I worked for that other company and built up relationships with clients and therefore thought it’d be a good idea to start my own company at that time.

00:00:41 For me it’s been a great idea cos it’s twenty years past the twentieth of September. So for twenty years of, of being really in charge of my own destiny, so I haven’t had to worry about someone else or, who’s responsible because it’s always been down to me, regardless of whether it was just me, or whether now well since we’ve got almost eighty people whether it’s eighty people or not.

00:01:04 I originally qualified, got a qualification to go to Jordanhill College to be a PE teacher that didn’t work out because my mother had a major heart operation as it turned out I didn’t then go to Jordanhill. She needed some type of looking after and obviously I was an only child and there was only my father obviously working, so at that point I became the kind of person, not saying I was a carer, or anything like it, but, obviously I was a person that’s around so it meant that I could do that rather than then heading off to some kind of where, career, I’m not, not making that a big deal but it, it just meant my father travelled and did lots of things with his job so, it made that somebody had to be around.

00:01:43 I then took a job for a short period of time about of a year, and I suddenly realised that through the fact that my father had been in sales and marketing for many years I had a leaning towards that and then took a job in sales. And from that job in sales, over a few years I made a kind of move from selling fax machines and photocopiers and fiche readers into the computer market in 1983.

00:02:10 It’s not a career that I was looking for it just happened to be something that I stumbled into. I didn’t go along to get a job to be a photocopier or a fax or fiche sales person.

00:02:22 There’s no degree qualification that leads you to become a managing director, as such, you don’t go to university and come out as a managing director. And you don’t go to university regardless of how well qualified you are and end up coming out of university and just being able to do the job that supposedly you’ve been trained for.

00:02:39 You, you learn certain things but in this type of job we’ve a number of different people who are self starters who have worked on a bench of not, they’re not engineering types but they’ve, they’ve managed to train them self and have they’ve been coached etc, etc, or they’ve been put on training courses which have allowed them to develop and that perhaps you wouldn’t have picked up at school or, or any further education.

00:03:04 It would have been missed within a year or so of leaving school I went and did a course at a college in Glasgow which was a marketing course, as it turned out I didn’t actually finish the course simply because the number of people that started on it, it wasn’t, they actually the course kind of stopped three quarters of the way through because they started with seven or eight people and then by the time they got to end up was with two people and they stopped actually running the course. And you could then try and learn the last bit and tour and sit the exams, it didn’t matter I’d learned enough doing the course, the qualification wasn’t necessarily that, that important to me at that time.

00:03:42 There’s, there’s no, there’s no shame attached with leaving and, and not going to have a degree and, and again there’s no shame in attached in taking some kind of career move and then finding it’s not for you because when you’re younger it’s very difficult to understand what career path you’re eventually going to take.


Stephen P is the Managing Director of NVT Group. He started running his own business in 1988 when the company he was with went into liquidation. He strongly believes in advancement through work-based training and self-study. "There's no degree qualification that leads you to become a managing director as such."

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