Taking a gap year in the UK

Taking a gap year in the UK

Author: Neelam Shah


Taking a gap year doesn't have to mean jetting off to far flung corners of the world - there's a wealth of new experiences to be found closer to home, as Neelam Shah explains.

I am one of those students who decided to have a gap year, although whereas most students went overseas, I decided to stay stay at home, and I will explain why. My future career lies within journalism and media communications so I wanted to use my gap year to build my experience of journalism by taking on various internships and work experience with newspaper firms all over the country to purse my career.

For any students looking to study journalism, or any other types of media communication roles, who want to go overseas to gain experience, remember that this isn’t always necessary. There are many newspaper firms and news departments that would be happy to take on new interns or recruits, for the twelve months all over the UK. To get these positions, you need to do plenty of research and make contacts with professionals within the field or area your career lies to help you secure work experience placements.

After completing their A-Levels, many students are afraid or don’t really understand the meaning of taking a gap year. Many fear that twelve months may hinder their motivation to study further, but actually taking a gap year is a very good option. It enables the mind and brain to ease at rest from the effects of exams as well as giving you time to think about exactly which course you would like to pursue at university without wasting a year studying a course that would not lead you on to the career you want.

During your gap year you can experience independence and realise what you want to achieve, where you would like to go and what you would like to do. During these twelve months you can gain lots of positive experience that will help you when you eventually apply to university. You will be able to show universities that you have had plenty of experience that has helped you to make sure that the course you have chosen is best for you.

Last updated: 4th September 2019