The secret to being the ultimate apprentice

The secret to being the ultimate apprentice

Author: Rebecca Moss

The secret to being the ultimate apprentice

Landing an apprenticeship is just the first step on your career path. But how can you prove yourself during your training and boost your future prospects? Rebecca Moss from training provider City & Guilds finds out.

A strong, positive personality

While it might sound obvious, a positive personality is one of the main qualities employers look for from their apprentices, along with common sense and good manners. Try to be a strong communicator – listen carefully and respond well to what your mentor says.

Spend time getting to know your colleagues

You’ll find your working relationships with your colleagues will be a lot stronger if you take the time to get to know them, making your apprenticeship much more productive.

Show an active interest in your development

This is an absolute must. Take a genuine interest in what you’re learning, make notes and fully observe what’s being shown to you. Don’t hold back from asking questions, no matter how stupid you might think they are.

Speak to other members of the team about what you are learning. Your mentor might not be available at all times, or you might find that another colleague of yours has a greater knowledge of a particular subject. Feel free to ask others questions – most people will happily help you out. 

Try things out for yourself

Spend plenty of time putting your knowledge into practice. Use anything that your mentor or other colleagues have discussed with you and begin developing your own practical skills.

You might find that observing others could help you with any practical skills you struggle with. Take a look at how others manage their workload and how they tackle certain situations.

Don’t hide away

Your mentor will most likely have plenty of tasks to be getting on with, alongside helping you. If you’re concerned you’re being forgotten, a little nudge can help get things back on track. Book in a catch up, or give your mentor a quick rundown of what you’ve been cracking on with. Using your initiative and being confident enough to speak up are key qualities in the workplace.

Rebecca Moss is a marketing executive for City & Guilds. Rebecca started her working career as a dishwasher in a local pub. After one too many accidents involving Fairy liquid, she decided it would be safer for everyone if she was employed behind a keyboard, crafting and creating content for City & Guilds.

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Published: 25th May 2017