Meter Reader

Meter Reader


Trevor M

0:00:02 I’m Trevor M. I’m a meter reader for E.ON. We receive through a small hand-held computer a list of properties to visit and basically go round and read their meters, gas and electric. I like the freedom really. I like to sort of plan my day myself and the flexibility of it. I like to be out and about. It keeps you fit and I like to meet, you know, meeting people.

00:00:32 The only regrets really I’ve got is from early life is I didn’t put enough of my time and effort into being a footballer. I think I was good enough to play actually. I had a couple of trials with professional clubs but at the time I was young and I liked a social life and I think that’s probably my biggest regret, is I didn’t put enough effort into that.

00:00:56 Well before I was metering, I’ve had a variety of jobs. From leaving school, I started out in engineering. I did that for about 15 years but I was made redundant from that. I then went into sales, completely different, did that for a while. I was made redundant again, in fact I’ve had four redundancies through my career so, and each one, I’ve changed the direction.

00:01:27 I’d gone from sales, I’d gone back into a warehouse and I liked the situation where I was out and about and meeting people. And the warehouse was okay, there was a great bunch of people there but I didn’t like the clocking-in in a morning, clocking-out, you know, watching the clock all day and meter reading is entirely different. You’re out, you can please yourself when you work and there’s the flexibility there and that’s…I saw the advert for the job and that led me into it. Hopefully now this is my last job. I’m 53 so hopefully I can stick this job out now until retirement.

00:02:09 But I’ve never let redundancy phase me. I’ve always been positive. I’ve always been positive, yeah. I’ve seen different varieties of jobs and I don’t think my life’s really been that boring, you know. I’ve not been in one particular job all my life so it’s…I’ve seen quite a few different careers. The most important thing to me in my career is to enjoy my work. I don’t count…although the financial side is very nice, but I think that to enjoy your work’s the most important thing.

00:02:47 Well, yes, sport, as I say, sport is a big interest of mine and luckily my wife doesn’t mind that. I’ve always played football from school upwards and when I couldn’t manage to run about and play football, I managed football teams, local football teams and now I’m into golf. So sport is a big thing, yeah.

00:03:12 Probably my biggest influence has been my wife. She’s the one that gives me inspiration and she’s had certain adversity and she’s coped with it and gone through it and she’s been my sort of rock. My wife had a serious illness which thankfully she got over and I think that was the biggest turning point in my life, yeah. Having to care for her when she was ill and just seeing how inspiring she was to get through…to get through it and she’s always kept a smile on her face and that’s what’s kept me going as well really, I think.


Trefor Milburn is a Meter Reader for E.ON. "I like the freedom really. I like to sort of plan my day myself and the flexibility of it. I like to be out and about. It keeps you fit and I like to meet, you know, meeting people."

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The UK average salary is £28,758

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There are 37.5 hours in the average working week

36%  male  64%  female 

The UK workforce is 47% female and 53% male

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Job holders in this unit group perform a variety of customer service occupations not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 721: Customer Service Occupations.


There are no formal academic entry requirements, although many employers expect candidates to possess GCSEs/S grades. Training is typically provided on-the-job, supplemented by specialist short courses.


  • Receives enquiries from potential and existing clients, discusses requirements, and recommends products or services;
  • Discusses pricing processes with clients, agrees payment arrangements and handles customer accounts;
  • Makes reservations, books tickets, organises insurance policies on behalf of customers;
  • Follows up clients to ensure their satisfaction with a product or service and to gain renewal of customer service agreements;
  • Addresses customer complaints and problems;
  • Informs customers of special promotions and new product launches.
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Employment activities 23098
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Wholesale trade 15285
Food & beverage services 13634
Financial services 13189
Auxiliary  services 12210
Warehousing, etc 8344
Sport & recreation 8305
Postal, etc 7690
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