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Will K – Jagex

00:00:02 I’m Will K, and my job title is Release Schedule Co-ordinator for RuneScape. I’m responsible for overseeing the constant release of new updates for our main product, RuneScape. So I have to talk to Heads of Department, Team Leaders, and just make sure that everybody’s working on the right thing, and they’re doing it for the right time. I also work with the Team Leaders, and the soon to be Head of Game, to make sure that if they’ve got any small tasks that need to be done, then I do them. So kind of an Assistant as well.

00:00:37 I think since we got our first proper computer when I was about 12 or 13, I was fascinated with everything to do with it. Fascinated with the hardware, the software, bits of programming. Just the way everything fits together, and you can see how it all interacts. And I think that’s something that is in my professional career now is just watching the way things work together.

00:01:00 One of the things that led me to coming here was not enjoying my A-Levels, not enjoying school, and not having a lot of fun there. Enjoying University, but then coming here and finding it fantastic. I made a lot of friends at school, and I had a good time, but I don’t think I was applying myself. And I got very upset, and I got very angry at myself, for doing that, and I was flailing around not knowing what I should be doing. I then reached a point where I’d messed up, I hadn’t tried hard enough, and if I could go back, of course, I’d do it all differently. But then I was given the opportunity to go to University, I was given a second chance, and I’ve run with that ever since. I could look back on all the mistakes I’ve made in my education and my past, and say – I’m going to leave this behind, I’m going to try hard, I’m going to go out, talk to people, have a good time, and I can be a different person, this is the opportunity. So it’s that rebirth, I think, that made it fantastic for me.

00:01:59 First year of University for Computer Science I found to be quite easy, because I’d done A-Levels in IT Computing and Electronics, so a lot of the stuff was learning again. But then the second year comes in, and you’re suddenly learning new languages, you’re learning new ways of thinking. And that’s one of my favourite things about the Computer Science degree, I did two years, and then I did a placement, at Jagex, and I decided off the back of that placement, that the work I was doing here, and the experience I was getting, was something that couldn’t be repeated. The fact that Jagex was such a young company, the games industry’s really taking off right now. I don’t think I would get that chance in a year’s time or in two years’ time. So I’ve decided to fail University, and to complete it via a outside degree. So doing it via post. And then – or to maybe think about going back to do a PhD or something similar, in a few years’ time. Once I’ve had the experience here.

00:02:53 I’m a really enthusiastic cook. One of the things that I enjoy about working here is that if I’ve spent the whole of the weekend baking, I’ve spent the whole of the weekend cooking stuff, I can bring it into work, I can hand it out to people – not just the people I work with, but people I don’t even know, even people in the management team. I can go up and say – hey, do you want to try this? And everyone’s very friendly, everyone’s very welcoming, about it. I’m famous for cooking brownies, and they’re something that I love to bring into work because they’re – you know, it’s delicious and they’re also very easy to do. Though I shouldn’t really admit that.

00:03:26 I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else now. I’ve got friends that work in big industry and it just seems boring. What I really liked about Jagex was the friendly people, the sort of – the atmosphere of the place. The fact that even looking round, you know, this room, it’s just a good place to be. I like the fact that on my trial day there was – there was a lot of sort of self-deprecating wit. So everybody’s very self-aware that what they do is fun and interesting, but they can’t take themselves too seriously, and I think that’s brilliant. If you don’t have the chance to laugh at yourself just a little bit, I think you get too serious, and too old, too soon. So, it’s just a fun place to be.

00:04:03 ENDS


Will K really enjoys his job as Release Schedule Co-ordinator at Jagex, a computer games company. He came here on work placement from a computer science degree and thought it was so fantastic that he abandoned his course to work there. He didn't want to risk leaving and then not being able to get back there again after graduating. He loves cooking and is famous for bringing chocolate brownies to work for everyone.

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