How School Governor volunteering can benefit the school and the volunteer

Today’s schools are highly autonomous and expected to manage their budgets and internal policies. A large secondary school may have over 100 staff and a budget in excess of £7m.

School Governance is a unique volunteering opportunity through which individuals can develop their skills while helping children realise their expectations and aspirations.

School Governors work in partnership with the schools Leadership Team to help deliver the best possible education; better educated and motivated children are more likely to find employment and less likely to behave in an anti-social fashion, and everyone benefits – the individuals, their families and their communities.

To be a school governor you do NOT need to be a parent. You do not need particular skills or a detailed knowledge of education. With a time commitment of as little as 6-8 hours per school month you can contribute fully and add value, and if you are 18 or over you are eligible to apply.

If this opportunity to help children get the best possible start in life appeals, and you are interested in volunteering, the School Governor’s One-Stop Shop (SGOSS) is here to help. SGOSS is a highly professional charity that provides a FREE brokerage service to governor volunteers, employers, schools and local authorities. SGOSS has up-to-date vacancy details and once an application is received works with the volunteer to make a mutually beneficial match.

Applications can be made electronically or by post, contact us on, 0207 354 9805, or via the website.

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