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George Salter Collegiate School


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Amanda Hayes works at George Salter Collegiate School as a Pastoral Manager. She looks after the welfare of sudents, "to ensure the students can come to school and that they have somebody to talk to if they need to". She worked in a bank for 17 years before she changed her lifestyle to have a family.

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average salary
The UK average salary is £28,758
average weekly hours
There are 37.5 hours in the average working week
25%  male  75%  female 
The UK workforce is 47% female and 53% male

Future employment


Workers in this unit group perform a variety of welfare-related professional occupations not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 244: Welfare Professionals.


Entry is via a variety of relevant academic and/or professional qualifications. Background checks including a CRB check are likely to be required.


  • Provides activities to assist young people develop and fulfil their potential as individuals and within the community;
  • Advises and supports families experiencing stress or crisis;
  • Acts as an advocate for and represents individuals and families at tribunals and similar hearings;
  • Oversees, supervises and provides counselling for the process of adoption;
  • Mentors and counsels those with mental health problems;
  • Provides rehabilitation services to individuals;
  • Manages volunteers and part-time workers, and liaises with other relevant professionals;
  • Keeps records and controls budgets.
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Health 4988
Residential care 3190
Education 3002
Social work 2917
Sport & recreation 2122
Public admin. & defence 1973
Retail trade 1355
Membership organisations 1343
Real estate 805
Construction 683
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Amanda H

Amanda Hayes 0.00.00 My name’s Amanda Hayes and I work at George Salter Collegiate Academy. And I’m a pastoral manager. A pastoral manager is basically the welfare of the students, any barriers to learning for instance, attendance, welfare issues. I work with multi agencies to ensure the students can come to school and that they have somebody to talk to if they need to. 0.00.30 Obviously you’re dealing with peoples’ lives and peoples’ issues and the best of it is when I see them starting in Year 7 and then being sort of young men and women in Year 11 and achieving. When I was at school, I went to a convent school, so my family are Catholic. I was very keen to leave school and get a job. My reasoning for wanting to leave is basically to have money and to start my life and to enjoy my life young. 0.01.00 When I left school I got a job in Barclays Bank. I started off as cashier and gradually worked my way through. I ended up many years later, for about 17 years later, being a supervisor of one of the departments within the branch. In those days were having a job in the bank, cos a job for life and a lot of people viewed it that way, that’s why the jobs in banking, a system, you know, very highly regarded. 0.01.30 I then decided to have a family, so I left. That was a major change in my life. That was the time when I decided that I could look for a job that fit in with my life and a job that I would really enjoy doing, and something that was so totally different from banking. It was difficult going from a banking background and then not working for a while and then having an opening into education. I found it very difficult. 0.02.00 I was applying for jobs and really wasn’t getting very far, because when you work in a school they do like you to have some experience. So I did some voluntary work in a primary school. I got on quite well with the people there. They were very kind enough to train me up and through that I was given a job at a high school in Wolverhampton. I suppose my parents were my role models. Because they seemed to be happy. They’re quite comfortably off. 0.02.30 And they seem to have the lifestyle that I would want when I was older. My mum was a teacher at a primary school and that’s why I knew quite a bit about education. We’ve got a few teachers within, in the family. My father was a managing director of a manufacturing business. The regrets I have now is that I should have gone to university and I very deeply regret that I didn’t do my degree. 0.03.00 And the reasoning that I should have done a degree is because basically career wise and if you have a job within education nowadays you do need a degree. You earn a lot more money. There are more openings for you career wise. I think I’ve got a very good work / life balance. Having the school holidays as well helps obviously. My daughter loves animals and she’s always wanted a horse. That takes up all of my time. 0.03.30 After school I go home and basically get changed and it’s down the stables. So that’s my enjoyment. My dream job would probably involve living in a very warm climate but with children, with students. I do enjoy the years 11 to 16/17 year old students. I find them more challenging and I enjoy working within that age group. 0.03.59

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