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Janet C is a Senior EMI publicist. Her interest and passion for music led her into a career in music publicity, after writing music reviews for her university magazine. Whilst at EMI she has worked with artists from Tom Jones to Tinnie Tempah and has won awards for her work.

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Public relations professionals plan, organise and co-ordinate the activities that promote the image and understanding of an organisation and its products or services to consumers, businesses, members of the public and other specified audiences.


Most entrants possess A levels/H grades and a degree or equivalent qualification. Further professional qualifications are available.


  • Discusses issues of business strategy, products, services and target client base with senior colleagues to identify public relations requirements;
  • Writes, edits and arranges for the effective distribution of press releases, newsletters and other public relations material;
  • Addresses individuals, clients and other target groups through meetings, presentations, the media and other events to enhance the public image of an organisation;
  • Develops and implements tools to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of public relations exercises.
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Carolyn O

My name’s Janet C, I work in EMI Publicity. I’m one of the first points of contact when an artist signs to the label. All magazines, a lot of the internet sites come to me for information about an artist, and I will sit with an artist when they are first signed and basically put out their vision of who they are, what they represent and what they want people to think about them. I was nominated for, at the Music week Awards, I was nominated for the best PR campaign for last year for Tinie Tempar. And for Record of the Day, that was the two that I won for Best in House PR and also Best Break Through Act which was for Tinie. To be recognised by your peers is, you know its fantastic in anything you do, you know, so yeah, it’s definitely a high point. Yeah. And also to be recognised for a campaign that you know, with Tinie, there was many challenges in the sense that the market was flooded with quite a few MCs when he came onto the scene so we really had to kind of set him out from all the other MCs that were out there. Yeah, it did pose many challenges but we kind of obviously got there in the end. English was my second language when I went to school, you know I was four years old, five years old, my parents from Balgladesh, so like I said it was a challenge at the beginning but I think I really immersed myself into it, cos I did feel that I needed to work that bit harder. And I had a great English teacher, a guy called Mr Wright that was brilliant and made English fun as well as kind of explained you know, how it worked and the grammar etc and the stuff that we read, for instance ‘Of Mice and Men’ which I can remember to this day, because he kind of sat there and would go through the meaning of the actual story as well as you know make it fun for us all to sit and read in class. So yeah, school was fun, but yeah probably not for the reasons that everybody, should, wants it to be fun! I never realised I wanted to go into music, I always thought it was a dream job. Always thought, you can’t possibly work there. You don’t even realise there’s jobs outside of the artist. You just think it happens magically. So when I went to university I started writing for the uni publication and started ringing round you know record companies trying to get you know tickets and things for shows so I could write about them and stuff and I grown up reading NME and Melody Maker and lots of news publications, Smash Hits when I was a kid and stuff, so I knew that you could write about it. You know and then these people go, do you want to meet them, interview them? Meet them! Interview them, sit in a room and interview?! Oh my god yes please! Sitting there you know interviewing you know Radio Head and artists you can’t even get close to these days. So, from there I realised that actually these people, do a job and I could maybe do what they do. So I went back home, told my parents who were you know, not happy to say the least. Cos my mum wanted me to be a lawyer and she’d been getting me to write all these letters to solicitors and I was getting all these interviews and I just hired a car, and packed my bag, packed my savings and came to London. I was given a little bit of cash in hand for my work experience, my lunches paid for and was sleeping on people’s floors. But it was alright in the end! My parents are very proud yeah. I think the moment of realisation for them came when I was doing Tom Jones’ PR and my mum could tell everybody who Tom Jones was so yeah, you know, very pleased now, yeah!  

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