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Mandy M is a District Nurse from Wolverhampton. She describes how after initial disappointment at not meeting the height restriction for the police, she became a pharmacy technician, but left after a row and worked in an office. Seeing the nurses treating her mum in hospital she was inspired to retrain as a nurse and has never looked back.

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average salary
The UK average salary is £28,758
average weekly hours
There are 37.5 hours in the average working week
14%  male  86%  female 
The UK workforce is 47% female and 53% male

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Nurses provide general and/or specialised nursing care for the sick, injured and others in need of such care, assist medical doctors with their tasks and work with other healthcare professionals and within teams of healthcare workers. They advise on and teach nursing practice.


Qualification as a nurse is via a diploma or degree course, both of which are provided by universities. Courses comprise both theoretical and practical work, including placements in hospital and community settings. Full time diploma courses last three years; degree courses last three or four years. Accelerated programmes are available to graduates with a health-related degree. There is a minimum age limit of 17 years 6 months to enter training. Post-registration training is available for a range of clinical specialisms.


  • Assists medical doctors and works with other healthcare professionals to deal with emergencies and pre-planned treatment of patients;
  • Manages own case load;
  • Monitors patient’s progress, administers drugs and medicines, applies surgical dressings and gives other forms of treatment;
  • Participates in the preparation for physical and psychological treatment of mentally ill patients;
  • Plans duty rotas and organises and directs the work and training of ward and theatre nursing staff;
  • Advises on nursing care, disease prevention, nutrition, etc. and liaises with hospital board/ management on issues concerning nursing policy;
  • Plans, manages, provides and evaluates nursing care services for patients, supervises the implementation of nursing care plans;
  • Delivers lectures and other forms of formal training relating to nursing practice.
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Social work 155474
Public admin. & defence 38297
Education 17241
Real estate 11211
Employment activities 6888
Services to buildings 6579
Membership organisations 6417
Specialised construction 2191
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Mandy M

Mandy McFadden - Wolverhampton PCT My name is Mandy M and I work as a District Nurse in the community. My job involves visiting people in their home, in their residential home settings to give nursing care in the home. At school I was always, I was quite good, I tried to, you know, do the best I could. I always liked to please the teachers and go home with a good report. When I originally left school I was 16, everybody aspired for me to stop on at school and do A Levels but one reason or another I left school quite early. There was a lot of pressure for me to stay on at 16 from both the teachers and my parents as well. I think I definitely disappointed them when I left school. Initially I wanted to go in the Police Force. Unfortunately there was a size restriction, a height minimum and I didn't reach the right height. I did actually visit the career centre and explain that I would like to look at nursing and at the time they told me that I would have to be 18 and I was a little bit short of that but they were very keen to get me into something, you know, in the health line so they lined me up an interview at a local community pharmacy where I got a job a pharmacy technician. But unfortunately had a row with the chemist one day and walked out and never went back. And I do regret doing that, really, but I don't think it was really the job for me because at that point it was working in a dispensary and also working in the shop and that wasn't me, really. Because I had to, I had a house and bills to pay I went to got a job in an office doing credit control, customer services for about three or four years. I'd visited my Mum in hospital and she hadn't been too well and just seeing the nurses work and the environment and I was going home in the car with my Dad and I said, "You know, that's something that really looks worthwhile." And my Dad said, "Well, if that's what you want to do, do it." So I did. And that was the icing on the cake, really, and there was no looking back then. Once I'd made that decision I knew I'd got my family's support. It did feel very good making that decision. Mainly because I was of the big earners in the house and it was, I knew that sacrifices would have to be made. Got through the interview, got through the medical and started my nurse training. My first choice of hospital I couldn't apply for because I didn't have my A Levels, so, that's one thing that if I had stopped on at school I could've at least done the nursing that I wanted to do at the college that I wanted to do it at. But I enjoyed it, I made lots of friends and it's been a good couple of years since. Some of the best parts of the journey are the nurses that I've developed friendships with along the way. They've supported me, they've supported me through life experiences and I've supported them. In my own mind I went off on my own to say I could do it, and prove people that I could do it because I think a lot of propel thought Mandy, you're not strong enough from a, you know, I'm a very emotional person. I do get very upset and sometimes that's a good quality in a nurse. You know, to be able to feel that and share that. You're always learning in this job and every time, every day is another experience that I've learnt from. It has all paid off for me definitely. There's no way I'd be earning the money that I'm working now and getting the job satisfaction in an office, even as a senior manager in an office. It's all paid off for me. ENDS

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