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Victoria F is a Manager for Equity Coordinators at Fidelity. She manages a team that provides support. She says "I've always loved the City, I still do now, I feel that it's a great place to work, I get a real buzz from it."

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Job holders in this unit group advise customers, who may be individuals, companies or specialist groups, on the purchase of investments, insurance, mortgages, pensions and other financial services and products.


There are no formal academic requirements although entrants usually possess GCSEs/S grades and a degree in a relevant subject is sometimes required. Training may be undertaken in-house or entrants may attend courses run by professional institutions. Registration with a regulatory authority is required in some positions.


  • Predicts the likely long- and short-term future performance of securities and other financial products and advises upon what will be an appropriate investment for their clients;
  • Analyses the financial position of clients, taking into account outgoings, dependants and commitments;
  • Advises on the relative merits of pension schemes, insurance policies and mortgages that best meet the needs of clients given their personal circumstances;
  • Monitors information on the socio-economic environment and interprets the implications of such information for their clients;
  • Prepares summary reports of findings for fund managers;
  • Keeps up to date with financial products, legislation and requirements for compliance with the relevant regulatory authority;
  • Identifies and attracts new clients by arranging visits and explaining the benefits of financial products.
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Auxiliary  services 59472
Financial services 50318
Head offices, etc 38157
Public admin. & defence 9056
Legal & accounting 8198
Real estate 4877
Wholesale trade 4325
Office admin. 3978
Insurance & pensions 3959
Architectural & related 2946
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Janet K

Vicky Feltham My name’s Victoria F, and my job title is Manager for Equity Co-ordinators. It means that, as a group, we support all the investment professionals in this Fidelity building, and we look after all their administrative needs. So I have 17 direct reports, and I work with two other Managers who also have direct reports. Overall we logistically make sure that the team can cover and support all the investment professionals’ recruitment needs, we write appraisals, individually we’re a point person for each person that reports to us, so we look after their development and training, how they’re doing in their role, if they need help, how we can progress them, and any other ad hoc things that come up with managing people. So when I was at school and taking sort of options at GCSE, and being asked about what you want to do at college, outside of my love of animals and thinking about being a vet, what I enjoyed most at school was the organisational side of things. So my Business Studies classes, learning computers etcetera. I was absolutely diabolical anything artistic, creative or sport - related. So that was what I enjoyed the most. So I decided that I felt I would be good at a support or a secretarial role. So I went to college to study GNVQ Business. And then I decided that I would really love to work in London, I've always loved the city, I still do now, I feel that it’s a great place to work, I get a real buzz from it. So I headed off to Agencies, and a few contacts that the college help you with. I wrote lots and lots of letters to some companies that I knew of, and some companies that I just picked out of a book. And waited for responses. I think, looking back, the most difficult thing I coped with was moving from the Bank of England. Because that role - I really didn’t have my confidence then. It was my first job, I was very insecure, very naïve, and I didn’t - really didn’t have any mentors, I hadn’t built any relationships to be able to say to anyone – is this right, that I feel like this? I felt very alone in that job. So the move from my first job to the second, was very much like coming out of college and going to the first job. I definitely think it teaches you a lot, it’s a very scary move, but once you've done it, you really can look back and think that you really understand what – where it is you want to go. So I think for me it’s a really nice way – that everybody has to come out into the big wide world at some time, but it’s not always that big, and that scary, and you can really learn a lot about yourself. And it’s actually really fun element to thinking - this is my life ahead of me now, I can decide where I want to go and what I want to do, and there’s actually a lot of opportunities out there. I brought my globe. I know I've sort of already mentioned, but I do love to travel. Not a regret, but something I would like to think I will still do in my lifetime is to travel for an extended period of time, but I never did that in my – from college to now, because I always felt there was something else in my life going on – a career move that I should do, or want to buy a flat, etcetera. So for me one of the reasons for working is to achieve – to be able to do this goal, and to travel. I'm a great believer in work/life balance, I think that you really do – you need to be dedicated to something, and have some work to be challenged and be interested in, because then it makes the leisure time and the things that you can work towards so much more enjoyable. If you just had those all the time, I don’t think they'd be as much fun. So it’s really – I really enjoy thinking that's what I want to set my goal, that's the next place I want to go. I save up towards that, and I look forward to it, and then I really enjoy it when I get to see a different place and a different culture. ENDS

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