Laura Weir

Laura Weir- Head of Human Resources

Laura Weir joined Jagex Games Studio in 2007 as Learning & Development Manager, moving into her current role of Head of Human Resources in June 2008. Her time whilst at Jagex has been dedicated to attracting, developing and retaining talent to aid the business in maintaining its success.


Jagex is the largest independent games studio in the UK with nearly 400 staff and an average age of 27 meaning there have been lots of opportunities to nurture fresh talent. This responsibility is taken very seriously, always looking for ways to find and develop the studio’s talent. Jagex has a policy that if we find a good person we will hire them regardless of whether or not we are actively looking for that role. This principle is also true within the business, if we spot great talent we will try our hardest to find projects for them to work on and give them the opportunity to show their potential. Jagex also employs over 30 University students throughout their placement year to learn more about the Games Industry and what job role they may want to undertake once they graduate.

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