Accessibility has a number of features to make the site accessible. The features make the site clearer for everyone but particularly help users with colour-blindness or visual impairments.

These include:

  • mouse pointers to indicate links and other interactive content. These provide a visual aid to all users and are also used by screen readers
  • clearly indicating hover states (so buttons, menus, text links and other interactive content change appearance when scrolled over) to make it easy to move around the site
  • being fully accessible to screen readers and users with limited or outdated software
  • being functional on zoom so page layout stays the same and fonts and images remain clear
  • using colour combinations with a high contrast ratio to make the site easy to view and navigate
  • using a clear and defined font to make text easy to read
  • written transcripts to accompany videos (click on the ‘Show Transcript’ button below each video)
  • coherent video audio tracks
  • the facility to add automated subtitles in English and other languages (when videos are served on our site via YouTube). These are not perfect but do offer a guide (click ‘play’ and then go to the settings wheel to select)
  • the option to play videos at full screen, making the images (and automated subtitles) larger

We aim to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to AA standard but if you feel there are improvements we could make, please contact us.