Living with a disability

From dyslexia to hearing loss, you can’t always see when someone has a disability.

You may need to watch some way into the video to find the relevant part of the story.

Associate, Mergers & Acquisitions

Natasha has worn hearing aids since she was young and finds it quite difficult on the phone, “I would say that’s a challenge that I deal with every day.”

Principal Town Planner

Chris was diagnosed with autism when he was 9, “So that had a lot of additional elements to play with. Not only did I have to sort of engineer myself socially to try and get on with people, but also obviously had to work out how to be like other people.”

Senior UX Designer

“Dyslexia is a weird thing cos some people don’t believe that it exists. But it has hindered me in some respects but it’s also been a motivator to try harder…Writing is the thing that I still find the hardest to do.”

Audio Archivist

Ian has a hereditary condition which made him lose his sight at an early age.