We use cookies (small pieces of data downloaded to your device when you visit a website or app) to improve your experience of our site and to track site use.

These cookies do not identify you personally, but they use your device’s IP address which locates where you are. Some cookies may be stored on your device when you close your browser or navigate away from the site.

There are three types of cookie:

  • Necessary cookies – help make websites work and function properly
  • Statistical cookies – collect data to show how websites are used
  • Marketing cookies – track visitors across different websites


You can set your browser not to accept cookies and you can clear cookies from your browser.

You can also update your cookie preferences below.  Without cookies, you may not be able to access all site features.

Our cookies include:

  • BIGipServer# (necessary) – this helps the site respond quickly and allows lots of visitors to use the site at the same time. It does this by distributing traffic across several servers
  • PHPSESSID (necessary) – this enables our login function to work
  • yt_blocked (necessary) – this lets us know if we should play you a video from our servers if YouTube is blocked on your device
  • complianceCookie (necessary) – this checks we have asked for your consent to use certain cookies. This is to comply with EU regulations
  • gaconsent (necessary) – if you disable statistical cookies, this blocks them from your browser
  • Ytconsent (necessary) – if you disable marketing cookies, this blocks them from your browser
  • _ga, _gat, _gid (statistical) – these are used by Google Analytics to track site use. We use this information to understand how visitors use the site and to help make improvements
  • collect (marketing) – another cookie from Google Analytics which helps us understand how visitors use the site across devices. See more information from Google Analytics
  • VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE(marketing) – this improves video speed (by autoplaying videos, without waiting for the whole film to load first)
  • ads/ga-audiences (marketing) – helps visitors find us from Google Ads
  • PREF and YSC (marketing) – used by YouTube to track videos viewed across different sites


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