Where do you gain your energy from?

Outside or inside?

Compare each of the five statements in turn and click on the options that are most like you.
If you're not sure what to pick, think about your personal preferences when you're at home.

I tend to think out loud
I tend to think before I speak
I generally act quickly
I generally act carefully
I'm a good talker
I'm a good listener
I prefer to stand out
I prefer to blend in
I tend to work best in groups
I tend to work best alone or in pairs

I am more extrovert

Extroverted people tend to

  • gain energy from people or things around them
  • recharge their batteries by being active
  • be confident
  • be assertive

I am more introvert

Introverted people tend to

  • gain energy from inside themselves
  • recharge their batteries by spending time alone
  • be careful
  • be good listeners