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You're a Koala!

Motto: I get on with it quietly

14 percent of the UK population are Koalas.

Koalas are popular and warm animals. They like the safety of their eucalyptus trees and their families, and are loyal and caring to those around them.
Koala strengths

Koalas are patient with people and detail. As natural carers, they like to keep other people's values and strengths in mind, yet protect their own beliefs. They usually bring up relevant facts but rarely push their views forward unless asked.

  • Usually gentle, quiet, careful and kind
  • Often excel in detailed and precise tasks
  • Enjoy routine and structure, and value personal space
  • Like to watch what's going on and try things out before feeling confident they understand
  • Often talented in crafts, arts and music
  • Realistic, down to earth and respect tradition and authority
  • Get on with everyone. Usually loving and reliable. Sensitive to others' needs and go out of their way to support friends.
As a leader

Caring, quiet, respect and follow procedures and rules, expect deadlines to be met. Sometimes their desire to please people and follow the rules can cause personal stress.

Tips for Koalas

Can you be too nice? Learn to stick up for yourself.

Koalas at work and school

Koalas love working as part of a team to get things done.

Louisa is a business manager:

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Our animal type describes our preferred behaviour. We can all learn to adapt and change our behaviour to suit the circumstances and challenges we face.