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How to make a good start in a new job

9th November 2016

Author: Jenny Hargrave

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How to make a good start in a new job

As your first day gets closer it’s common to feel nervous about your new job. Jenny Hargrave suggests how to make a positive impression from day one.

Before starting

Write down what you think will be important to learn in the first week, month and three months. Keep up-to-date with company news as things often change, even from the time of your interview. Look out for the company’s products or services or visit their stores to view the business through the eyes of the customer. It’s much harder to see things afresh after you’ve been in a role for a while.

Be proactive

Your first priority is to find out who you will be working with and what they do. Even if there is a formal induction day, be proactive – introduce yourself and make notes of names and job titles. Catch up with your boss at the end of the week. Ask for feedback on any tasks you were set and establish what you should focus on in the coming weeks and months.

Ask questions

Don’t muddle through – it’s much better to ask questions if you’re not sure about something. Speak to your boss about any skills gaps – they may be able to help with company training, and don’t forget there are lots of free online courses out there too.

Find a guide

Different businesses and their staff have different ways of behaving (this is often referred to as company culture), and sometimes this varies even between teams. Seek out a friendly face to help explain workplace routines. Having someone to ask about small things such as lunch venues and unwritten do’s and don’ts, will make you feel more comfortable and help you settle quicker.

Finally, don’t worry about the amount of new information to take in – most people will be only too happy to support a motivated and positive new starter. Good luck!

Jenny Hargrave is the founder of InterviewFit, a CV writing and interview preparation service.

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