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Want a career in design?

2nd February 2017


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Want a career in design?

ARTS THREAD is a free-to-use online resource, offering practical support and advice for students and graduates starting out in the design world. Katie Dominy explains how to make the most of the site and shares her tips for starting your design career.

Explore where and what to study

“Lots of students know they want to study design but with so many options out there, they find it difficult to pick the right route,” explains ARTS THREAD’s’ Katie Dominy.

“One way to get a clearer picture of the difference between courses is to look at the end result. ARTS THREAD enables you to view and compare graduate portfolios, together with art and design course information from leading universities and colleges.”

Once you’ve worked out where and what you want to study, the next hurdle is getting a place on your chosen course.

“Creative courses have their own application style which is different from other subjects,” says Katie, “So our Pre-University Tips help guide you through the process for design courses.”

Get advice on creating the perfect university interview portfolio from lecturers at top courses. Or find out what to look for on an open day if you’re studying a creative subject.

Making the leap from design graduate to working in design

“One of the biggest issues facing design graduates is getting their work out there,” explains Katie. “Our creative clients are looking for new graduates, interns and freelancers so our free online portfolio service is a great way for graduates to raise their profile.”

And ARTS THREAD has lots more ways to help graduates make their mark. Check out details of current design opportunities, competitions, and exhibitions. Explore practical guides covering issues such as work experience and job applications. And connect with the design community with live forums and industry events.

Katie’s top five tips for starting your design career

  1. It’s never too early to start! Whatever your age, you can explore art and design. And in most cases in the UK, it’s free – so make the most of those galleries and museums.
  2. Visit art and design festivals. Again, the majority are free. You can meet artists and designers and quiz them on their career paths.
  3. Visit art and design school exhibitions. Check out your local art and design universities and colleges – you’ll be surprised how many activities they put on for pre-university students. And go and see their graduation shows too.
  4. Subscribe to newsletters and social media from the UK’s finest art and design galleries and museums. This is a good way to find out what’s going on.
  5. Keep your options on art and design broad at this stage – there can be courses, careers and professions you don’t know about yet so keep an open mind.

Image: ARTS THREAD members exhibiting at Designersblock, London Design Festival.

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