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Choices at 18

Some of the main options open to you at 18 include:

  • Going to university – there are a range of qualifications available in hundreds of different subjects and subject combinations. Higher Education takes a lot of commitment and can be costly so  needs careful thought, consideration and research.
  • Starting an apprenticeship – apprenticeships are available at different levels and in a wide variety of occupations.  They allow you to earn while you learn, and combine workplace learning with time spent either at a college or training centre.
  • Going to college – an additional year in further education could be an option if you want to boost your grades, gain additional skills or improve existing ones.
  • Getting a job – employment opportunities will vary depending on where you live and the type and level of work you’re looking for.  The wider and more flexible your search the more likely you are to find something suitable.
  • Taking a gap year – many people choose to take a gap year before continuing their learning or moving into employment. There are a range of things that you could do including travelling, volunteering or paid employment.
  • Starting your own business – you’re never too young to think about being self-employed and many organisations offer advice and grants to help you get started.

Choices at 18 is a partnership between icould and Bright Knowledge.

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