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If you’d like to contribute, send a copy of your materials to info@icould.org.uk.  We’ll publish the best entries and put you into our termly prize draw to win one of three £50 Amazon vouchers. Please read our terms and conditions before entering. By submitting your resources you agree to our terms and conditions.  And if you’re new to icould, take a look at our classroom resources below for inspiration.


icould free teaching resources

Our classroom resources provide quick, engaging and fun activities to get young people thinking about their futures, and have been endorsed by the Association for Careers Education and Guidance, now part of the Career Development InstituteThey’ve been designed for teachers but can easily be adapted for use outside school.

Using the Buzz Personality Test The Buzz (student worksheet) /The Buzz (teacher adviser – extension exercise).This exercise looks at matching personality types with potential careers and offers ways to talk about skills and  strengths.

Ten quick ideas (teacher adviser) Quick fire ideas that can be adapted to take up 5-10 minutes or a whole session. A great place to start using icould in the classroom!


icould career paths (studentworksheet) / icould career paths (teacher adviser) This execise looks at the notion that everyone has a varied career path and that there is not one set path in life.

icould career workbook (studentworksheet) /icould career workbook (teacher adviser) This exerise can be used to encourage students to do some more indepth research into training and careers.


icould is that a real job? (studentworksheet) / icould is that a real job? (teacher adviser) This is a fun exercise that can be done individually or in pairs to get students thinking about the wealth of roles on icould.com.

icould unique selling points (studentworksheet) / icould unique selling points (teacher adviser) This execise introduces the concept of a unique selling point to students, looking at other peoples and their own.

icould Music Insiders (student worksheet) / icould Music Insiders (teacher/adviser) Two exercises which look at the range of careers behind a music artist, as well as looking as looking at the skills and experiences of those already working in the music industry. ***new***


icould higher education execise (studentworksheet) / icould higher education exercise (teacher adviser) This exercise will encourage students to look at the value of university and the difference it can make to careers.

icould colour poster (A4)





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