Keeping at it and trying different pathways can help get you where you want to go.

You may need to watch some way into the video to find the relevant part of the story.

Former Tornado GR4 Pilot

“Don’t be fearful of failing. I’ve failed many times throughout my entire career and actually we learn through failing.”

Disappointing a level results
Options after disappointing A-level results

In this short clips video, people talk about not getting the A-level grades they wanted and what they did next.

Consultant Child Psychiatrist

“Don’t always worry about failing exams, you can always go back.” Ben has sat a lot of exams in his career but hasn’t always passed the first time around.

School Nurse

At 24, Mike went back to college to get his GCSEs and then continued his studies. Several years later, he got where he wanted to be.

Writer, Director and Cameraman

After leaving film school, Dishad realised he still had a long way to go.

Lizzi Hosking
Celebrity Director

Lizzi faced received many rejections before getting a break, “The people who are rejecting you don’t know your skills…so I think you have to just keep on.”

Commercial Lawyer

After applying unsuccessfully to 300-500 law firms for a trainee position, Chantal went on to secure a training contract through a holiday placement.

Kelly Fuller
Radiographer (diagnostic)

Kelly wanted to be a radiographer but after having a daughter at 17 worked in childcare. She later went on to follow her dream and retrain as a radiographer.