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Fitness Instructor and Co-Founder
Immersive Gym Co (exercise software)

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My name is Ava. I’m a fitness coach

00:00:09:20 – 00:00:15:13
and a co-founder of a technical exercise environment, I’m a personal trainer.

00:00:15:14 – 00:00:18:14
I also train other instructors to be teachers.

00:00:18:21 – 00:00:21:18
And I have my own swim school, so I teach swimming to children and to adults.

00:00:22:00 – 00:00:25:23
And then my co-founder side is I run a business with my husband

00:00:25:23 – 00:00:30:22
where we bring innovative technology and we make our own software

00:00:31:04 – 00:00:35:18
and collaborate with rowing machines and bicycles and fitness machines

00:00:35:23 – 00:00:39:10
to bring software to you so you can cycle and row, according to software.

00:00:39:21 – 00:00:41:22
It’s like the Peloton, but for rowers.

00:00:42:22 – 00:00:45:18
I loved my sciences, always fascinated by the anatomy of the body

00:00:45:23 – 00:00:48:04
and always interested in the psyche of the people,

00:00:48:06 – 00:00:51:09
that field was interesting for me, so I did the sciences and the maths,

00:00:51:09 – 00:00:52:16
which was my thing.

00:00:52:16 – 00:00:55:16
And then I went to the university to Wits University in Johannesburg,

00:00:55:18 – 00:00:57:09
South Africa, and then to the University of Port

00:00:57:09 – 00:00:59:10
Elizabeth, where I studied a bachelor of commerce

00:00:59:10 – 00:01:01:05
in industrial psychology and business management.

00:01:02:04 – 00:01:02:20
What I like

00:01:02:20 – 00:01:05:23
about my role would be offering something to people,

00:01:05:23 – 00:01:10:12
which is so beneficial to them physically and mentally, seeing progress, seeing change,

00:01:11:07 – 00:01:13:22
seeing positive outcomes from it, which is wonderful

00:01:14:06 – 00:01:17:05
interacting with people, I love that – teaching people

00:01:17:05 – 00:01:22:05
and seeing the rewards that it gives me to educate other people.

00:01:22:09 – 00:01:25:22
So the downsides for me would be just trying to find your limits

00:01:26:13 – 00:01:29:18
learning to say no, working within your time frame,

00:01:29:18 – 00:01:33:12
because if you haven’t got the energy and teaching and constantly

00:01:33:12 – 00:01:37:13
giving information is quite draining and so you have to be able

00:01:37:13 – 00:01:38:20
to look after yourself as well.

00:01:38:20 – 00:01:40:09
So I think it’s finding that.

00:01:41:09 – 00:01:43:03
The strengths, the skills that you need to be

00:01:43:03 – 00:01:45:12
an entrepreneur, I think firstly,

00:01:46:17 – 00:01:51:09
believe in yourself, and even if you’re not sure, give it a try

00:01:52:03 – 00:01:55:07
because it’s a lot easier than you think when you’re in it,

00:01:55:07 – 00:01:57:16
especially if you’re doing something that you love and you enjoy.

00:01:58:02 – 00:02:00:17
And there’s going to be challenges and you have to remember I think

00:02:00:18 – 00:02:03:20
as an entrepreneur that you’re not the only one doing this.

00:02:03:23 – 00:02:05:23
There are a lot of people out there doing the same thing.

00:02:06:11 – 00:02:08:15
And so if you want to succeed in your business,

00:02:08:15 – 00:02:11:10
you need to find an angle where you can be

00:02:11:10 – 00:02:14:12
really good at what you do and to stand out within that area.


“What I like about my role would be offering something to people which is so beneficial.” Ava is a personal trainer, trains other instructors to become teachers, and runs her own swim school. She also runs a business that enables people to cycle and row to software.

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average salary

The UK average salary is £29,813

average weekly hours

There are 37.5 hours in the average working week

36%  male 
64%  female 

The UK workforce is 47% female and 53% male

Future employment

Future employment?

? Fitness instructors deliver training in a range of fitness activities, including weight training, yoga, pilates, personal training and other forms of exercise at private health and fitness centres, local authority run sports and leisure centres, other public and community establishments, and in private homes.
There are no formal academic requirements. Entrants must, however, possess coaching qualifications recognised by the appropriate governing body. Applicants to coaching courses must normally be over 18 years old and hold a first-aid certificate. Background checks including a CRB check are required for those working with children.
  • Assesses the fitness levels of clients;
  • Devises programmes of training appropriate to the needs of clients with varying levels of strength, fitness and ability;
  • Demonstrates and leads fitness activities and supervises exercise classes;
  • Ensures that clients do not injure themselves through over exertion or using incorrect training techniques;
  • Plans and monitors personal fitness schedules;
  • Understands the health and safety aspects of different forms of exercise and ensures that any statutory requirements are met.
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Sport & recreation 24351
Other personal service 17609
Education 7464
Legal & accounting 5807
Health 1844
Public admin. & defence 1792
Gambling 1387
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