Chief Strategy Officer
Hyperjar Ltd (Fintech)

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00:00:06:20 – 00:00:08:01
My name is Chris.

00:00:08:01 – 00:00:11:13
I work in a business called Hyperjar, which is a financial technology

00:00:11:13 – 00:00:13:19
business, a fintech. We build apps.

00:00:13:19 – 00:00:16:09
My job there is CSO – chief strategy officer,

00:00:16:09 – 00:00:20:02
which is a kind of jack of all trades, master of none job.

00:00:20:22 – 00:00:23:00
It means I’m involved in business planning.

00:00:23:00 – 00:00:26:23
So investor outreach, hiring, resourcing

00:00:27:23 – 00:00:33:00
work with the product team on a sequence for the roadmap but heavily involved in brand and marketing.

00:00:33:19 – 00:00:35:12
Thinking back to school – I was lucky.

00:00:35:12 – 00:00:38:23
I had a good education, went to a grammar school in Manchester.

00:00:39:13 – 00:00:41:09
My thing was languages at school.

00:00:41:09 – 00:00:45:02
So did languages at A-level took that through to university,

00:00:45:02 – 00:00:47:13
but never thought too much when I was there

00:00:47:13 – 00:00:50:03
about what I was going to do with it, what my work would involve.

00:00:50:23 – 00:00:55:11
I spent about a year after graduating just finding my feet, really.

00:00:55:11 – 00:01:00:14
I started about 20 years of working in an area of consultancy where you’re doing

00:01:01:15 – 00:01:04:10
social research and cultural analysis.

00:01:04:18 – 00:01:07:04
I thought we could we could build this company up,

00:01:07:14 – 00:01:09:14
and then it suddenly got shut down by the owners,

00:01:10:01 – 00:01:11:18
really not through any fault of that team.

00:01:11:18 – 00:01:14:18
I realized that I didn’t ever want to work for a company again

00:01:14:18 – 00:01:17:19
where I didn’t personally know the owner or was the owner.

00:01:18:13 – 00:01:22:08
I became very cynical about

00:01:22:08 – 00:01:24:23
large ownership organizations

00:01:24:23 – 00:01:28:22
and realizing that you’re just you’re just a financial revenue line

00:01:28:23 – 00:01:31:08
to those guys and then at that point,

00:01:32:00 – 00:01:34:09
a friend of mine had this idea

00:01:36:02 – 00:01:37:22
for a fintech, which is what I’m doing now.

00:01:37:22 – 00:01:39:20
And he said, Look, come and talk to us about this.

00:01:39:20 – 00:01:42:01
We need some – there are only three of us at the moment.

00:01:42:01 – 00:01:44:16
We’re all bankers or engineers.

00:01:44:16 – 00:01:47:01
We need someone from a consumer marketing background

00:01:47:10 – 00:01:49:18
because we’re thinking about what this business is going to become.

00:01:51:03 – 00:01:51:15
My favourite

00:01:51:15 – 00:01:54:17
part of it is it’s a very focused, operational business.

00:01:54:17 – 00:01:59:20
My previous career was in consulting lots of diversity, but no real output,

00:02:00:07 – 00:02:03:08
whereas with this we’re building something I can see things change every day

00:02:03:08 – 00:02:06:20
in product terms, users, relationships we have with merchants.

00:02:07:09 – 00:02:10:09
The frustration, if I have one, is that it’s very single minded.

00:02:10:09 – 00:02:12:10
So you just thinking about one thing all the time

00:02:12:10 – 00:02:14:15
obsessively, you’re working with obsessive people.

00:02:14:16 – 00:02:15:07
So, yeah,

00:02:15:07 – 00:02:18:23
weirdly, they’re probably the same thing, the great things and the bad things.

00:02:20:04 – 00:02:21:21
You’ve got to be very adaptable.

00:02:21:21 – 00:02:24:19
You can’t be the kind of person who needs a routine, is very rigid.

00:02:25:08 – 00:02:28:17
You’ve got to be OK with surprises, sometimes good, sometimes bad.

00:02:28:17 – 00:02:30:00
I think you need to be resilient.

00:02:30:00 – 00:02:31:08
There are more ups and downs

00:02:31:08 – 00:02:34:23
than you would get in a typical salaried job or in a larger company.

00:02:35:22 – 00:02:38:14
So don’t get too worried when you have a bad week

00:02:38:14 – 00:02:40:22
and don’t get super excited when things are going great

00:02:40:22 – 00:02:43:11
because those things are both generally exaggerations.

00:02:44:11 – 00:02:47:08
Looking back to when I was 18, 19, whenever, I think,

00:02:48:10 – 00:02:50:19
don’t worry too much about money,

00:02:50:19 – 00:02:54:10
it’s important and it’s really useful, and it can solve lots of problems.

00:02:55:03 – 00:02:58:06
But I think the key thing is to find something that you’re good at

00:02:58:11 – 00:03:01:14
that you really like doing and where you can make a living, doing it,

00:03:01:14 – 00:03:03:19
there’s some sort of opportunity or market for it.

00:03:03:22 – 00:03:04:21
It’s that mix of like what

00:03:04:21 – 00:03:08:23
you really like, what can you do and what is there a job market for?


“Don’t get too worried when you have a bad week and don’t get super excited when things are going great because those things are both generally exaggerations.” Chris works in a Fintech – a financial technology company – and enjoys the pace of change.

After a languages degree, he went on to work in social research and cultural analysis. When the company he worked for shut down, an opportunity arose to join a friend working in a start-up.

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