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National Trust

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Keith H

00:00:03 I’m Keith and I’m the Information and Membership Supervisor, and I work here at Clumber Park on behalf of National Trust. I’m in charge of enrolling new members for the National Trust for the whole property. That’s just a small part of it, but I’m also day to day supervisor for the kitchen, garden, and the visitor’s centre. On top of that, I’m in charge of all the signage on the property. I do literature such as these. I do interpretation, help out at events. Pretty much any internal communications should run through me.

00:00:44 When I was about five, I probably wanted to be a knight or something like that, but I don’t think that was ever going to work. But, no, I didn’t really have a dream job, as such. I flirted with ideas of like history teachers and that kind of thing that you always do if you study history at school.

00:01:03 The turning point in my life would be getting the GCSE results and knowing that I hadn’t done as well as people had expected me to do, purely down to me being lazy and expecting to get them grades without putting in the work. That was a big turning point. Yes, bad experiences can spur you on to put right what you had done wrong and reach your potential, in my case with GCSE results, but, yes, they can turn into a positive as long as you approach it in that way and don’t think ‘oh,’ you actually think ‘Okay, how can I make this better.’

00:01:39 I have always liked history, geography, that kind of thing, like humanities. I did A levels in them, along with maths, and then I went to university.

00:01:56 I became involved with Clumber because I’ve lived locally, about five miles away or so, so I was always here as a child. I’ve always been interested in history, and heritage, and that kind of thing, and I’m very much a people’s person, so when I saw the job advertised in the local rag I just applied for it, luckily got it. As far as the supervisor role is concerned, because I’d got a year’s experience under my belt, I would have been supervisor in my previous role so I was able to do that.

00:02:31 I’m currently completing my Masters degree in public history and heritage management, which is learning how to, you know, your role in these kinds of heritage organisations, and, talking to people, you know how to interpret the landscape and everything verbally as well.

00:02:52 Outside of work, I do a bit of a busman’s holiday really and I do come to places like Clumber on my days off, but I also like going to watch football. I wish my football team was a bit better, but you can’t have everything, and, yes, just chilling with my friends and family.

00:03:17 If I could do anything, I’d really like to play football for Lincoln City but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen, but that’s what I’d love to do. If I could do anything, career-wise would be possibly to manage or to oversee the new build of a visitor’s centre or museum, so right from scratch to doing all the interpretation, the hiring of staff and everything, right up to seeing it in operation. I think that would be really cool seeing it from scratch to completion, yes.

00:03:57 End

Keith H is Information and Membership Supervisor at Clumber Park, a National Trust estate. He knew the area well, loved history and heritage and liked working with people, so when he saw the job advertised in the local ‘paper he knew it was a great job for him.

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