My day in five pictures: silk scarf designer

My day in five pictures: silk scarf designer


Designer scarves

Emily Carter is a luxury silk scarf designer, inspired by the natural world. She graduated in fashion textiles from the London College of Fashion in 2014 and her products are now stocked in shops around the world. Here's a snapshot of her working day.

1. Illustration mornings

I begin my mornings with a pot of coffee and breakfast, and once I’ve fed my geckos (you can see one in this picture) I set to work on planning the illustrations I am going to begin or finish that morning. I often work on more than one drawing at the same time and I add parts in here and there until I develop the final version.

seahorse illustration

2. More drawing

I spend the first half of my day drawing. This image shows me working on an illustration for my upcoming collection. I still use the same Rotary pens that I have been using since I was 16. They’ve been so reliable I’ve never had to use anything else.

woman sketching

3. Look books and layouts

During my creative mornings I also work on look books, catalogues and marketing material – either working on files or sending books out to clients, buyers and shows. I find myself working on these all year round as I am always designing the book for the upcoming collection and sending out new material.

book of illustrations

4. Scarf finishing and hemming

In the afternoons I tend to do my orders. Some of my scarves are pre-hemmed, but the small batches I still hem and finish myself by hand.

measuring material

5. Production and orders

After hemming, I steam my scarves and hang them out to air before packaging into my boxes. I always have lots of scarves and illustrations hanging around my studio on various rails and on the walls in order to create an inspired working atmosphere.

Scarf and sewing tools

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