Operated Plant Hire Manager
Flannery Plant Hire

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00:00:08:00 – 00:00:12:14
My name’s Neil, and I’m the operated plant manager at P. Flannery Plant Hire.

00:00:12:14 – 00:00:15:11
We’re based in Wembley, which is West London.

00:00:15:11 – 00:00:18:11
We specialise as a company in supplying various

00:00:18:11 – 00:00:21:13
different types of machines to construction sites across the country.

00:00:21:16 – 00:00:25:18
This can be rollers, dump trucks, excavator diggers,

00:00:26:00 – 00:00:28:18
JCBs, bulldozers.

00:00:31:05 – 00:00:32:06
Me along with my team,

00:00:32:06 – 00:00:36:07
we’re responsible for ensuring all the operated hires,

00:00:36:07 – 00:00:41:02
basically, have an operator on them. Any excavator that goes out on hire

00:00:41:19 – 00:00:44:09
we’ll have to recruit the right operator for the right machine.

00:00:44:09 – 00:00:46:12
And that could be
in a summer’s day,

00:00:46:12 – 00:00:50:17
you could be looking at 100 operators, which gets busy.

00:00:50:17 – 00:00:53:01
But it’s a challenge which is enjoyable.

00:00:55:09 – 00:00:58:13
Persuasion is key. A lot of operators work for different companies.

00:00:58:20 – 00:01:00:10
During the summer months, especially,

00:01:00:10 – 00:01:01:23
we want them to come on board with us.

00:01:03:02 – 00:01:06:07
So persuading them and showing them the benefits of what

00:01:06:20 – 00:01:10:05
it will be like working for us, it’s all fundamental.

00:01:10:05 – 00:01:11:10
Confidence – you have to be confident.

00:01:11:10 – 00:01:14:01
We speak to hundreds of people on a daily basis.

00:01:16:13 – 00:01:17:04
I loved school

00:01:17:04 – 00:01:22:10
and not necessarily for the purposes I should be there for, which is education.

00:01:22:17 – 00:01:25:22
I loved it in the sense of I loved socialising.

00:01:25:22 – 00:01:27:17
I loved being with my friends.

00:01:27:17 – 00:01:30:12
For me, it was the fun factor, like I was that person

00:01:30:16 – 00:01:33:02
if you get a reference off any of my teachers, they’ll say

00:01:33:09 – 00:01:34:19
he would not stop talking.

00:01:34:19 – 00:01:36:23
He’ll be in a corner, just yap, yap, yap.

00:01:37:00 – 00:01:38:17
That’s what I was like.

00:01:38:17 – 00:01:41:18
And I’ve utilised that in sort of in what I do now.

00:01:41:18 – 00:01:44:01
Like the job involves talking to people

00:01:44:01 – 00:01:46:23
so I’ve sort of made it into a career.

00:01:47:00 – 00:01:52:15
A-levels I done business and media. I moved on to university, which was up north, so up in Hull.

00:01:52:16 – 00:01:54:20
I initially started off with business management,

00:01:55:09 – 00:01:59:02
so moved over to accounting and finance, which in all honesty,

00:01:59:03 – 00:02:01:08
I lasted about six months.

00:02:01:09 – 00:02:06:00
I can’t see myself after university is done sitting in an office doing accounts.

00:02:06:01 – 00:02:08:07
I left university after about a year and a half.

00:02:08:13 – 00:02:12:12
My parents weren’t best pleased with it. Sat at home for probably about a month or two

00:02:12:12 – 00:02:15:04
and I just tried to evaluate and see what I actually wanted to do.

00:02:15:06 – 00:02:17:07
Then I entered the world of recruitment.

00:02:19:18 – 00:02:23:08
So I started off in recruitment, supplying trades and labour staff

00:02:24:02 – 00:02:28:05
nationwide, not as big as I’m doing now, but smaller scale, but it was still recruitment.

00:02:29:06 – 00:02:29:23
From then I moved on

00:02:29:23 – 00:02:33:14
to another recruitment company which was a peg up and

00:02:33:14 – 00:02:34:18
it’s something I loved doing.

00:02:34:18 – 00:02:35:17
I just loved doing it.

00:02:35:17 – 00:02:40:02
And then I got a call once from Flannery’s asking me to come in for an interview.

00:02:40:06 – 00:02:43:08
Came in for an interview and I got offered a job.

00:02:45:18 – 00:02:48:08
You don’t want to have that feeling of

00:02:48:08 – 00:02:51:01
dismay, like, I don’t want to go to work today.

00:02:51:08 – 00:02:54:06
I wake up right now, I got to work. I’m happy.

00:02:54:11 – 00:02:56:13
Jump out of bed, I’m a very morning person.

00:02:56:22 – 00:02:59:11
If I was an accountant, I wouldn’t have been a morning person.

00:02:59:11 – 00:03:02:06
I would have been just, it’s just paying the bills.

00:03:02:07 – 00:03:04:22
The advice I’d have is don’t look at what anyone else is doing.

00:03:05:15 – 00:03:09:16
Just focus on yourself and I guess just work hard.


Neil loved the social side of school and was always chatting. “The job involves talking to people so I’ve sort of made it into a career.”

After switching courses at university and then dropping out, he found his feet in recruitment.

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