Six simple ways to switch things up

Six simple ways to switch things up


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Stuck in a rut? Feeling sluggish? Fed up with the day-to-day? You don’t need to make sweeping changes to see a difference. Small swaps can have a big impact too. Here’s how to find energy and inspiration on your doorstep...

Change your routine

Stop breezing along on autopilot and switch things up.  Take a different route to work or college, go to a new café, listen to a new radio station or podcast. Even having something different for lunch can be a great boredom-buster.

Try something new

Is there a new skill you’d like to learn? Instead of just thinking about it, why not give it a go? Step out of your comfort zone and join a group,  take a class, volunteer. Even if you have just a few minutes to spare or want to do something different in your lunch hour, there are lots of free and quick ways to get your brain in gear. Explore BBC Podcasts or TED talks or try a museum micro visit.

Go outdoors

Start with something simple that’s easy to fit into your existing schedule. Take a stroll at lunchtime, or try going for a swim or to an exercise class once a week. You may find half an hour is all you need to feel refreshed. 

Get a different view

It’s easy to exist in a bubble with your own tribe, especially on social media. Talk to someone you know has different views. Visit new websites, watch a new channel or choose a different magazine for a fresh outlook. 

Become a tourist in your own town

You don’t have to go far to travel. How well do you know what’s around the corner? Treat your home town like a tourist and check out your local attractions. Pop along to an exhibition, support a community event or just look up and see what you notice.

Fix one thing

Feel there’s too much to do? Don’t know where to start? Write a list and break each point down into smaller, more manageable steps. Then choose one to tackle and cross it off your list. Now you’re in the flow, you can start on the next thing…

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Last updated: 21st September 2021