Three ways to think about subject and career

Three ways to think about subject and career


Three ways to think about subject and career

Considering the subjects you like - and why you enjoy them - is an easy way to start thinking about your career. And it's a win-win tactic, as understanding how school subjects connect to the world of work can boost your motivation too.

1. Look for simple links

Start with the obvious path between subjects and jobs Рmaths to mathematician, psychology to psychologist, law to lawyer.

In reality, few people go on to careers exactly related to a school subject but there is often some sort of link. So if you love PE, what about a career in sport? Or how about using your passion for a subject to inspire others? There are lots of different roles in teaching and training, so don’t forget to look at options beyond the school classroom.

2. Go wide

Next, try thinking more broadly. What connections can you make with your subject and areas of work? History for example, could lead to roles in museums and heritage, such as a curator or archivist.

What general skills do you need for your studies? For history, key skills include research, developing an argument, and presenting your ideas in clear and logical way. Such abilities could lead to careers in politics, law, or journalism.

3. Drill down

Finally, try to pinpoint what exactly you like about your favourite subjects and what parts of other subjects you enjoy. Is there a topic or project that really stands out? Draw up a brief list and use this as a starting point to explore possible careers.

Does your subject provide a basis for more specialist study? Take geography Рthis can include elements of environmental studies, economics, geology, and town planning Рall of which can be studied at a higher level and can lead to a range of careers. But if you like being outdoors on field trips best, then a job in countryside or forestry management could be just the ticket.

Find out more

Try¬†exploring icould videos by your favourite subject¬†‚Äď can you find any jobs you fancy?

For teachers, Your subject their future: a guide to using volunteers and videos to enhance the curriculum helps to draw clear links between the classroom and the reality of the workplace.



Last updated: 20th January 2021