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Music Licensing Assistant

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  Andre C

Music Licensing Assistant

00.03 My name’s Andre C, I do  have a job of music licensing assistant and I work at EMI music publishing. The people that we publish, they’re like people I listen to all the time. So we publish Kanye and Beyonce and Rhianna and loads and loads and Jay Z and so I have to go to their managers for approval so I kind of feel like I’m in with them somehow so I know Rhianna kind of. When there’s gigs and stuff we get to go to the gigs and so yeah, it’s a lot of fun.  I’m taking my cousin to see Tiny Tempah in November so he’s 15 so he’s enjoying the perks of having a cousin that works at EMI.
00.43 I first realised I wanted to sing when I was about 14. A couple of my friends were performing in like the end of year school show and they asked me if I could sing and I said yeah I could and I sang and one of them like cried when I was singing. I think it was pretty dramatic 14 year old stuff. But I realised that if I could make girls cry then there was something in that that I kind of enjoyed so that was the reason why I wanted to be a singer. And then in the final year kind of, things kind of changed everyone was kind of looking at me like, woah, you can really kind of sing so that was when I applied for the Brit school and I got in there. To get into the Brit school you were supposed to have done music, that was like one of the things at GCSE but I went and performed and they decided to give me a chance, so that was lucky. And then I went on to do a B-Tec National Diploma at the Brit School and also, just because my Mum made sure that I had something to fall back on I had to do two A-Levels at the same time. It was hard, it was hard work, but I think if you decide that you wanna work in something you kind of have to realise that you have to make a commitment somehow and hope that in the end it pays off.
01.53 They have like auditions every Tuesday at the Brit school and I auditioned for a lady who worked at Virgin Records. She was leaving to put together a boy band and I got into the group and that was when I was 17, I was still in college so I had like 2 and a half years living out of home with 4 guys that were my friends and just had fun for 2 and a half years.
02.17 We were called 365 and we released our single in November and it made the top 50 so that was the reason we got dropped. The first time I saw my CD in HMV it was kind of bittersweet because it was great because it was there but it was also not that great because we found out our mid-week position and were going round buying as many copies as we could so I’ve got about 2000 365 CDs if anyone wants one. I don’t know if I miss that. I think now I know a lot more about the industry especially from working here at EMI publishing. I know a lot more about how things work and so now I’m in a much better position where if I do decide to carry on performing like I am now that I know that I have to keep check of things and make sure I know where my career is going. So I feel more in control. When I finally got to make my own record it was like I know what’s happening, I was more in control then that was kind of the turning point when I realised actually this is something that I do really want to do.
03.23 I dread to think how many jobs I applied for, industry specific jobs. I kind of decided that I didn’t want to do anything that was not in the music industry but, so I had the luxury to do that because I was working for my Dad for a little while but then finally when I got the call from Livity to say that I could come for an interview I was like ahh, finally the search had paid off. In five years time I will be 29 and I hope, I hope I’ve got my boss’s job in 5 years time, that would be pretty cool. Erm if I don’t have his job then I’d like one on the same level maybe, earning a lot more money and driving a nicer car and living round the corner. So yeah, that would be pretty cool.


Andre C is a Music Licensing Assistant at EMI. After studying at the Brit School Andre won a a music contract in a boy band. The band didn’t achieve the success they’d hoped for but Andre continued to follow his passion for music and began a music apprenticeship at EMI through the Music4Good scheme. He has recently been offered permanent job at EMI.

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