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My name is Indie M  and I’m a production electrician.


A production electrician obviously has got to set up lights for obviously the set that’s obviously required for the day. Cos like there’s two types, like your day, you’d use like daylight tubes and stuff, whereas in like when it’s a night scene, it’s like tungsten. So you have to like change over the lamps or rather the bulbs that are in lights themselves.


Well I obviously applied with an apprenticeship scheme, which is obviously JTL, I did an aptitude test and obviously by the time you’ve passed that, all your details go on to different employers and obviously I got a phone call saying, oh ITV are interested in looking to employ you. So like OK, I’m really excited cos, you know, I used to watch all the programmes on ITV, and then obviously I had to do a little test, like with a 16 amp plug, you know, wire it up and connect it up and like a health and safety kind of test and then I had my interview and then obviously I had to drive,


Obviously I was 16, so I didn’t have a driving licence at all and they said that you could have the job, providing you obviously pass your driving test, which was obviously when you’re that age, you’re like, oh I want that job, I want this job. So I just like spent so much time on trying to pass my driving test, which I ended up doing it and then they obviously gave me the job.


I used to help my dad a lot because he’s obviously an electrician and he’s got properties and any time that he always went to do something, I would just like, you know, the electrician was the most appealing one to me cos like you get job satisfaction after it and stuff. So I was like, yeah, that’s what I initially want to do.


But dad was like, obviously he was like, oh god, she wants to do the same thing as me, so that’s quite good for him and he quite liked it and he encouraged me to carry on doing it. Even if it got tough and like, you know, I was unsure about things, he’d just like, no, just keep your head down and you’ll get through it. But like, my mum was a bit unsure cos it’s obviously male-oriented. She’s happy now cos she’s seen what I’ve like achieved from being qualified and stuff, so it’s quite nice and like the family are just, oh god, you’ve done so well for yourself.


I think more women should come into it cos it’s quite, it is challenging but once you get past each hurdle, you’re fine. It’s just I suppose you’ve got to have the strength and the obviously willingness to carry on doing it and stuff, but I think it’s exciting.


I was only here for a year and then I went to college and stuff and then they made me redundant, so I had, I obviously applied to contracting firms and obviously I got in with a contracting firm and finished my apprenticeship and then like only  last year, October, she asked for me to come back, which I was like really happy to come back. Cos I felt like I’d gained the experience I needed, obviously outside in the contracting world and I thought it was time to make a change.


I obviously came back as a six months’ rolling contract. I got offered freelance, but I obviously wasn’t going to leave a full-time job to come back just for odd days. A rolling contract is, obviously you’ve got six months’ work here and then obviously if they’re happy with you guys, then they obviously add another six months on.


The advice I’d give is, it’s challenging, it’s nice, they’re so friendly and anything’s possible to do. Just look at me, I’m an electrician, so anything, I’d come into this.


I think apprenticeships are ideal for those people that obviously don’t like sitting in classrooms and obviously getting taught loads of things that obviously don’t go in but apprenticeships are one of them, things where you obviously learn, you’re getting paid and you’re getting more like hands-on experience of the job that you’re obviously wanting to, obviously go for.


End of Indie M


Indie was influenced by her father, also an electrician, to take up an apprenticeship covering electrics and lighting. She has now been a qualified electrician for a couple of years and although her mother was a little apprehensive about Indie being in a male dominated profession, she is now really proud of her. Indie would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone and has no regrets about taking this route into employment.

More information about Electricians and electrical fitters

average salary

The UK average salary is £29,813

average weekly hours

There are 37.5 hours in the average working week

98%  male 
2%  female 

The UK workforce is 47% female and 53% male

Future employment

Future employment?

? Electricians and electrical fitters assemble parts in the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment, and install, maintain, and repair electrical plant, machinery, appliances and wiring.
Academic qualifications may not be required, though some GCSEs/S grades or an equivalent qualification may be an advantage. NVQs/SVQs in Servicing Electronic Systems are available at Levels 1, 2 and 3. Apprenticeships combining practical work experience and technical training are available at Levels 2 and 3. Entrants must have good eyesight and normal colour vision.
  • Examines drawings, specifications and wiring diagrams to determine the method and sequence of operations;
  • Selects, cuts and lays wires and connects to sockets, plugs or terminals by crimping, soldering, brazing or bolting;
  • Cuts, bends and installs electrical conduit;
  • Assembles parts and sub-assemblies using hand tools and by brazing, riveting or welding;
  • Installs electrical plant, machinery and other electrical fixtures and appliances such as fuse boxes, generators, light sockets etc.;
  • Examines electrical plant or machinery, domestic appliances and other electrical assembly for faults using test equipment and replaces worn parts and faulty wiring.
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Specialised construction 77368
Construction 43477
Retail trade 8288
Civil engineering 7315
Wholesale trade 6658
Electricity, gas, etc 6511
Metal products 6423
Electrical equipment 5153
Architectural & related 4061
Repair & installation 3922
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