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Coppid Beech Hotel

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Eszter S

00:00:03 My name is Eszter S, I’m Reception Supervisor at the Coppid Beech Hotel I do like to deal with my team, I like to work with them, I do motivate them and lead them, and train them as well. I do as well reception tasks. So I check the guests in, and check them out. I like meeting and greeting the guests, and to deal with them. I give – I like to give them excellent service and I’m happy to see them to be happy. And I’m happy to see how they become regular customers, and how they like to come back to us.

00:00:48 The only subjects that I really liked were the foreign languages always. I used to go to a primary school, and then to an academic Grammar School that were specialised in English language. So the only thing that I knew, that I wanted to deal with languages. At college I was not sure what I really wanted to do. The only thing that I knew I wanted to go on to Higher Education, so I started to study Economics. But I found it a bit dull, not interesting enough, so after having done one and a half years on that University I made a gap year and I went to Italy, to Sicily, to do some waitressing job.

00:01:30 And when I came back, one of my best friends at those times suggested me to study Economics of Tourism and Hospitality Management. So I changed for that University and I really liked it. I knew that there would be good work experience possibilities abroad, and as well great scholarship possibilities. I managed to get these from that University all, so I was happy with that change.

00:02:08 I’m from Hungary, I’m Hungarian. I always planned to move somewhere abroad, though I was not sure where to, but I always wanted to make a nice area somewhere abroad. I’m kind of this person that likes adventures and new challenges. I used to study in Birmingham, on the Birmingham college of Food, Tourism and Creative Studies. In the last year of my studies I got a scholarship – … scholarship – and I really liked the UK and at that time I’d already decided that I wanted to come back after having done my degree.

00:02:48 I easily found a job as receptionist in a smaller town house hotel. It wasn’t easy, the first two months especially wasn’t easy, because I had to get used to everything. But after that I got to like it, and I’m that type of person that I think almost anywhere – or everywhere – I can get used to the circumstances. I’d be able to grab the positive points and the positive things, and the advantages.

00:03:22 I can always go home whenever I want to. My relatives, they come to visit me quite often as well. I go home quite often. So like this I can’t really feel like missing home or missing my country.

00:03:42 The idea of returning to Hungary and managing a hotel one day, it is very likely. And certainly it is somewhere there, but I don’t think that in the next couple of years’ time, as I still have to have some more experience for that.

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Eszter heads a team of receptionists at the Coppid Beech Hotel. She initially studied Economics at University but found it dull so after a gap year she changed to Economics of Tourism and Hosptiality Management, on the advice of a friend. She thinks she will return to Hungary and manage a hotel there one day.

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average salary

The UK average salary is £29,813

average weekly hours

There are 37.5 hours in the average working week

14%  male 
86%  female 

The UK workforce is 47% female and 53% male

Future employment

Future employment?

? Receptionists receive and direct telephone calls and visitors to commercial, government and other establishments.
There are no formal academic entry requirements, although many employers expect entrants to possess GCSEs/S grades. There are a variety of relevant vocational qualifications available. NVQs/SVQs in Administration are available at Level 2 that encompass various aspects of reception work. Professional qualifications are also available.
  • Receives callers and clients and directs them to the appropriate person or department;
  • Records the details of enquiries and makes appointments and reservations;
  • Answers, screens and forwards or otherwise deals with telephone enquiries;
  • Supplies brochures, pamphlets and other information for clients;
  • Records details of visitors, issues security passes and informs visitors of any actions to be taken in case of an emergency;
  • Maintains reception area in good order.
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Health 13222
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Sale of motor vehicles 10849
Sport & recreation 10270
Accommodation 10055
Social work 7328
Real estate 7316
Retail trade 7139
Head offices, etc 6981
Other personal service 5864
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