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Assistant Management Accountant
Addenbrookes Hospital

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Ian W

00:00:01 I’m Ian and I work in finance as an Assistant Management Accountant.

00:00:07 When I was younger I’ve wanted to be a doctor so I’ve always wanted to sort of work within the health system. It was sort of into the early sort of stages of doing my GCSEs that I sort of really look in to being a doctor. At that point I was a sort of a blank. I’d thought all these years I’d wanted to be a doctor and then all of a sudden I look into it and it sort of put me off. I was still at the junction and didn’t know what way to go. When I was doing my A-Levels I still had no idea really what I was going to do. Loads of my mates and that were going to University, but when I looked at some of the bills people were having after they’d left University and the big debt they were in that really sort of put me off and I didn’t really fancy having that. It was a difficult decision to make about not going to University. Mainly because sort of my father had his eyes set on me going and quite a few people at school were going.

00:01:00 From my period from leaving school to getting this position just – I sort of didn’t really bother looking too much for a career. It wasn’t until a year later that I really decided to look into sort of something that I wanted to do, and so that sort of gap between getting the accountancy job here at Addenbrookes, and leaving school, was a bit of a lag time when I didn’t really push myself. Jumping from sixth form into a career was – it was quite a big leap for me because at sixth form you know there was always people coming late, not really being entirely disciplined. Going into work you then sort of have that sort of responsibility.

00:01:42 I did have a little knowledge about accountancy with my father working in the finance department, so it was just a case of looking at the vacancies around the sort of local area around the hospitals and found one, applied for it and boom – here I am. When I first started I had no idea what I was doing, what I had to do and they slowly sort of build you up into the job, doing sort of everyday tasks, and they give you the opportunity to sort of train privately, like there’s a proper accountancy qualification. I am sort of focused on the accountant career, ’cause I started my sort of qualifications and it has sort of been a good experience and something I would like to continue and sort of progress through.

00:02:29 When you’re sitting at a desk just typing at a computer you’re using sort of your brain more and you want something as a hobby to unleash your sort of energy and do something a bit more physical. Yes I do love sort of riding my bikes, I have a little Aprilia 125 at the moment, hoping to get a bigger Yamaha R6 bike but just waiting for the money to come in. I could become a fully-qualified accountant and work for a motorbike company. You never know, I could bring both sides together.

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Ian became disillusioned with an early ambition to be a doctor and found, “when I was doing my A levels, I still had no idea, really, what I was going to do.” Ian did not wish to incur the cost of university and left school after sixth from. He is currently working to gain accountancy qualifications.

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