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Lindsay H


I’m Lindsay H and I’m a crew co-ordinator at Emmerdale.


I look after the make-up, the costume and sound departments.


I sent my CV to the production secretary to get some work experience, in hope that they would say yes, so I would say, if anyone asked me, I think it’s really good, you can look on credits for, look for a production manager’s name, but I chose a production secretary, she got my CV, passed it on to the production co-ordinator and she contacted me and said, yes I could have work experience.


At school I was very quiet first of all and for a few years I was probably worked hard and wanted to be the best at everything. I was kind of secretly competitive and then throughout school I realised it was drama that I really enjoyed.


The subjects probably that have helped me now is doing drama and I did theatre studies at A level, but also English, just like everyday constructing emails to people and knowing to use different things to talk to different people and also, it sounds strange, but I really liked maths and now it helps me because a lot of my things are kind of logistical and who can go where at what time and I think that kind of and statistics and people’s pay,


I have to know about freelance rates and holiday pay and everything like that, so probably like that mathematical side that I enjoyed, I can actually put to my role now, which everyone will think why would you use maths in the television industry, if you’re going to be a crew co-ordinator but I actually find it does help.


I think  from my teachers at school, the ones that inspired me were the people that really loved their job that even like a geography teacher singing to us, I mean things like that I just thought, oh they really love their job and that’s what I want to do and our drama teacher who would always try do different things, So the people that were enthusiastic made me think, yeah, I really want to enjoy my job and I think my teachers, probably some of them would have thought I would become an English teacher or something like that and when I said no, it’s definitely drama and the television industry, that’s what I want to do, I think they were quite surprised and I think they either thought, oh well, if you like drama you’re going to be an actress and I think maybe when I was doing school plays and things like that, I thought, yeah, I want to be an actress and then I went to uni and I learned about the production side that I hadn’t really done much of and I thought, oh no, I don’t want to be an actress at all, it’s definitely behind the scenes that I want to do.


I think it’s good to have a social life as well as work. It needs to balance out or else you’ll just go crazy, so for fun I love just seeing my friends, we can do anything. We sometimes go for walks cos we live in like the lovely dales or we go to the cinema or go for a drink. It’s really nice because I grew up around here so I have school friends that I still see. But then it’s nice because now I feel like I have another group of friends from work.


I think to get where I am now, I think the worry of the unknown is a massive thing because you’re at school and it’s very structured. You know that you’re going to do exams, you’re going to do your GCSEs, you might want to do A levels and people are telling you that’s what you’re going to do and then suddenly you think, well I’ve got to choose what I want to do, so I think it’s the unknown that’s the scary part of how you’re going to get there. But once you’ve got, I always think once you’ve got that foot in the door, if you are enthusiastic and you work hard, people are going to se that and then you can go a long way.


So I think a low point was not knowing what I wanted to do and how I was going to get there when I did decide and the high point was probably when I did my work experience and they said, oh actually you’ve done really well, can you work next week, and it was like, yes, of course I can.


Hi, here we go, quiet please, then turn over. Speed.


My advice to anyone that works, wants to work in the television industry is, don’t give up, You might get letters that say they don’t have any work experience  or there’s nothing on at the time, but keep trying and make yourself known. Even like a phone call to somebody because it can be really busy for people working there and if you keep on ringing up and so they know you’re really interested, they’ll more likely to give you a chance.


I think you need to be hard working, enthusiastic and most of all, enjoy what you do, because it’ll really come across and also ask people for advice, If you’re ringing up and saying, oh I’d like work experience, ask for their advice because people have all been through it, so they’re really likely to help you out.


End of Lindsay H


For Lindsay, work experience was the way that she got into her job and she would recommend this route to others trying to get into television. She loves her job and really enjoys supporting the crew. She feels in combines her interests and talents in both the arts and maths in one role!

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