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Matthew M

00:00:04 My name is Matthew M. I’m a team manager in outbound retention, and that’s our call centre in Stoke-on-Trent. The essence of our department is we call and speak to customers who have requested to leave Vodafone. We try and save them and keep them with the company, whilst trying to offer world class customer service. I love being a manager. I’m a people person. I take a great interest in what makes people tick, you know, how people learn, and I enjoy getting the best out of people. I like seeing people progress. I like giving people the same opportunities I had.

00:00:41 Absolutely loved school. I was one that took on my father’s advice, which was to enjoy school because those are the best days of your life. I really did enjoy it. I did well in class. I always had on my report that I talk too much. I come out with all nine GCSEs. I didn’t really know at that point what I was going to do, what I wanted to do. I went to college, sixth form college, did four A levels. I only came out with two of those, unfortunately. I think by that time, or by the end of that period, I was on the verge of feeling school or more schooling wasn’t on my particular path.

00:01:19 At that point, my path led me into the working world. The very first job was working for a carpet retail company, so selling carpets. I had an interview with the manager and he was an absolutely brilliant guy. He was more interested in who I was as a person and what that could mean to him than had I been in sales before. So he gave me an opportunity based on me and not where I’d come from.

00:01:50 I went from there into a completely different job. I went into working on the roads as a labourer – no forethought to a career at that point – still really floating through where I was going. After that, I just fancied working in car sales. I spent not very long in car sales. My perception was completely different than the reality. It was a bit slow, not very exciting. It just wasn’t enough. It wasn’t satisfying my needs for a career. I sort of fell into Vodafone’s lap really at that point. A colleague of mine who I worked with at the time just happened to mention one day that Vodafone were recruiting and it was that simple.

00:02:33 After two years – two or three years – I remember a distinct turning point. I decided, you know, I wanted to move on. At that point, once I’d voiced that opinion, you know, a whole world of support opened up. Once I’d asked for something, you know, the stuff I could do and the stuff that was given to me was absolutely brilliant.

00:02:56 My mum still is today one of the inspirators I’ve got in my life. She left school with not a lot of qualification, and put herself through nursing college, and held down a job, and, you know, she’s now a senior sister at the local hospital. So she’s testament to the fact that the only boundaries that we have are what we set for ourselves. Anytime I’ve thought I can’t do something or I can’t get to that place, you know, I just think back and think, you know, I’ve probably got it far easier now with the opportunities that I’m being afforded than she perhaps had it.

00:03:28 Outside of work, I have three young children. I have twin boys and a little girl, so it’s quite important for me to have that good work/life balance. It’s not all about work. I also have a second job. I actually work nights, as well, as a doorman, strangely enough. Very contrasting.

00:03:52 I would hope in five year’s time to be in a sales manager’s position. I hold no boundaries for myself. I will take opportunity as and when it comes, and I will use that opportunity, and I will learn everything I can on the way, but certainly there’s always got to be a focus and my five year focus is that.

00:04:12 End

Matthew M is a Team Manager in a Vodafone call centre. He says “I’m a people person. I take a great interest in what makes people tick… I would hope in five year’s time to be in a sales manager’s position. I hold no boundaries for myself.” Matthew has a young family, so a good work/life balance is very important to him.

More information about Call and contact centre occupations

average salary

The UK average salary is £29,813

average weekly hours

There are 37.5 hours in the average working week

45%  male 
55%  female 

The UK workforce is 47% female and 53% male

Future employment

Future employment?

? Workers in this unit group receive and respond to telephone calls from potential clients and existing customers regarding the products and services offered by an organisation.
There are no formal academic entry requirements, although many employers expect candidates to possess GCSEs/S grades. Training is typically provided on-the-job, supplemented by specialist short courses.
  • Answers incoming telephone calls from existing or prospective customers;
  • Interviews caller to establish the nature of any complaint or the requirements of the client;
  • Informs existing and potential customers on any immediate action to be taken, and refers the matter to a more senior member of staff if necessary;
  • Advises on services available and sells additional products or services;
  • Maintains details of calls received, the action taken as a result of a call and updates customer database as required;
  • Arranges for field staff to visit the caller if further assistance is required.
Employment by region
Top 10 industries for this job
Office admin. 22826
Retail trade 18383
Services to buildings 11402
Telecommunications 10495
Financial services 9895
Electricity, gas, etc 7068
Wholesale trade 5972
Employment activities 5549
Auxiliary  services 4640
Public admin. & defence 4563
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