Air Safety Manager
Devon Air Ambulance

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00:00:06:22 – 00:00:08:03
My name is Rob.

00:00:08:03 – 00:00:12:02
I have been working for Devon Air Ambulance for about three months now.

00:00:12:10 – 00:00:14:12
And I’m the air safety manager.

00:00:14:24 – 00:00:18:17
It’s a really nice, interesting, varied job – bit of office time.

00:00:18:17 – 00:00:21:06
But I also get out and about and I get to go and see airplanes

00:00:21:06 – 00:00:24:13
and the crews, which is good fun. Being around aviation, is great

00:00:24:13 – 00:00:26:18
but actually the nicest bit is the people

00:00:26:18 – 00:00:28:21
I have to get out and about and speak to people.

00:00:28:21 – 00:00:31:01
You can’t be a safety manager sitting at a desk.

00:00:31:01 – 00:00:34:17
You do have to balance it and build the trust and confidence

00:00:34:17 – 00:00:37:11
of people in the organization so you can understand what’s wrong.

00:00:38:08 – 00:00:41:09
At school, I loved sport as well, so I played rugby,

00:00:41:23 – 00:00:44:11
played basketball, I was a swimmer.

00:00:44:11 – 00:00:47:05
I learned a lot, I think, from sport, which was really helpful.

00:00:47:05 – 00:00:48:18
It’s great for team building.

00:00:48:18 – 00:00:51:10
Learning to be a follower as well as perhaps being a leader.

00:00:52:15 – 00:00:53:02
When I got

00:00:53:02 – 00:00:56:03
to further on in school in my A-levels, I chose to do

00:00:56:03 – 00:00:59:02

00:00:59:19 – 00:01:02:12
I had an inkling I wanted to go and do an engineering degree,

00:01:02:24 – 00:01:06:16
but about that time I also start to get really interested in the Royal Air Force.

00:01:07:02 – 00:01:09:10
Flying for me was something I thought I wanted to do,

00:01:10:09 – 00:01:13:16
and I was very lucky that I was able to get sponsored through university.

00:01:13:16 – 00:01:18:05
So I did an engineering degree and that then led to me joining the Air Force.

00:01:19:09 – 00:01:21:05
The one thing I would say with the Air Force

00:01:21:05 – 00:01:25:03
was they offered me lots of opportunities to develop new skills.

00:01:25:03 – 00:01:30:21
I flew C-130 transport aircraft, commanded a squadron, but also did various

00:01:30:21 – 00:01:34:24
what I would call desk jobs, office type jobs in the latter part of my career.

00:01:35:08 – 00:01:38:18
That was when I branched into safety, which actually was by accident rather

00:01:38:18 – 00:01:39:16
than by design.

00:01:40:20 – 00:01:41:08
But I spent

00:01:41:08 – 00:01:44:11
four years working as a safety regulator.

00:01:44:15 – 00:01:48:03
If you’d asked me when I was younger in the middle point of my RAF career,

00:01:48:03 – 00:01:51:09
whether that was something I’d have done, I think I’d have laughed and gone ‘no way’.

00:01:51:11 – 00:01:52:21
For me, it was really interesting.

00:01:52:21 – 00:01:57:03
I was a bit reluctant to start, but actually, as I got into the job,

00:01:57:03 – 00:02:00:07
I realized two things. One, I really quite enjoyed

00:02:00:14 – 00:02:05:05
trying to understand what wasn’t right and the things that needed to be fixed.

00:02:05:23 – 00:02:09:23
And I also seems to be quite good at actually understanding the problems.

00:02:10:23 – 00:02:14:17
Communication is absolutely fundamental, whether that’s written communication

00:02:14:24 – 00:02:18:08
or the ability to relate to different people in the organization.

00:02:18:14 – 00:02:22:02
In my role, I have to talk to the very top of the shop to talk to the boss

00:02:22:12 – 00:02:24:19
and advise her of the things that are going well

00:02:24:19 – 00:02:28:05
and the things that maybe aren’t so good so that we can perhaps make changes.

00:02:28:12 – 00:02:32:00
But similarly, I have to talk to all the people across the organization,

00:02:32:22 – 00:02:36:23
so the ability to communicate and to listen is really, really important.

00:02:37:00 – 00:02:39:16
I don’t think you could do the job without that particular skill.

00:02:40:14 – 00:02:43:11
What I would say is life is rarely going to run

00:02:43:11 – 00:02:46:07
to the plan that you might have. Try and be adaptable.

00:02:47:00 – 00:02:50:05
You might find you change your mind about the direction you want to go in.

00:02:51:07 – 00:02:52:19
So keep your options open

00:02:52:19 – 00:02:55:18
where you can, because that’s always a good thing to do.

00:02:56:16 – 00:02:58:20
And when life throws up those unexpected

00:02:58:20 – 00:03:02:01
opportunities, have a think about it because you never know.

00:03:02:01 – 00:03:04:14
It might take you down a really interesting pathway.

“When life throws up those unexpected opportunities, have a think about it
because you never know – it might take you down a really interesting pathway”. After an engineering degree, Rob joined the RAF where he held a variety of roles. Initially not enthusiatic about taking a saftey job, Rob later found he really enjoyed it, and has continued his career in safety after leaving the air force.

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Future employment?

? Health and safety officers counsel employees to ensure and promote health and safety in the workplace and co-ordinate accident prevention and health and safety measures within an establishment or organisation.
Entrants usually possess an NVQ/SVQ at Level 3 in Occupational Health and Safety Practice. Higher level accredited qualifications (at Levels 4 to 6) are achievable via the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.
  • Inspects workplace areas to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation;
  • Helps to develop effective health and safety policies and procedures and carries out risk assessments;
  • Instructs workers in the proper use of protective clothing and safety devices and conducts routine tests on that equipment;
  • Compiles statistics on accidents and injuries, analyses their causes and makes recommendations to management accordingly;
  • Maintains contact with those off work due to illness;
  • Counsels individuals on any personal or domestic problems affecting their work;
  • Gives talks and distributes information on accident prevention, and keeps up to date with the relevant legislation.
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